Mythic Movie List

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When I go to the wasteland of the video store, I usually leave with nothing. I am compiling this list so that you can go in with at least the names of some films that will alert your local stores to the fact that there ARE films that uplift rather than denigrate human consciousness. I am defining a movie as mythic if it demonstrates…

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The Dionysian Daily Double..

“Dionysis is the god of divine madness, the god of ecstasy, the god of Vitality, the god in whom everything is turned upside down!!. Dionysis’ name is synomous with madness, but not as sickness, rather as life lived beyond artificial boundaries, life lived to it’s fullest!” Joseph Campbell

This Blog will feature the writing of a Dionysian Divine Madman, Hoobie Ma Goobler.. with a similarly twisted and holographic slant on life such as Sappho’s.. however it’s…

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