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An invitation to join Ariel in the Grail Castle

Intimate Grail Quest Circle | Oct 23-25, Berkeley, CA


Beloved Keepers of the Grail,

In the Grail Myth, there is but one qualification for being a Keeper of the Grail…to be pure of heart! Each of us comes into life in that state, but mostly lose that quality of being to a culture that doesn’t honor it as sacred. I am turning 70 this year and to maintain that quality has been the primary thread of my life weaving. This is not a quality that can be “taught.” To re-ignite that purity of heart within the self it must be felt deeply and remembered. It is for this reason that I felt guided to offer a weekend immersion to remember and awaken your radiant heroine heart. The Grail Quest will be an intimate initiatory circle, offered only to a small circle of Grail Keepers who are adequately prepared for this deep soul journey.

“The path of the living myth of the Grail is the path of reclaiming our true identity as radiant love. You, the heroes and heroines of this living myth are discovering on the journey that the Grail can only be attained, not by striving and seeking, but rather by choosing love, healing love, stripped of all egoic desire, discovering a love that burns as a fire that has become a radiant blessing to all in its sphere, like the light of the sun and moon….”

“The Grail is always activated and pouring forth its blessings, so it is ours to discover what may appear to block our access to the innate gifts of living as the Grail of Unity Consciousness…”

This is an exciting living myth to explore together with an intimate questing party and to deepen as souls together, but more importantly, it offers an opportunity to initiate new awareness and step into a larger version of our mythic selves. This gathering is not about information on the Grail Myth (though you may receive that). It is about gathering as souls to deepen our awareness through direct initiatory experience. The heartwood of initiation of any given work that I offer lies in present moment awareness in a coherent alchemical container.

If you feel deeply impulsed to be one of this small questing party, please get in touch with me for an interview to feel together into the resonance and your present preparedness for this kind of initiatory experience. If you feel deeply called in your heart, contact me at

In the One Heart…ariel


Grail Quest Circle Details

Date/Time: Begins 10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 23 and Ends 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 25

Location: Yurt Temple, Berkeley, CA

Energy Exchange: $888 (Deposit of $444 required upon registration; balance due Sept. 15, 2015)

Food and Lodging:

Food – We will be bringing pot luck dishes to share for dinner Friday evening. On Saturday evening Elana is providing dinner as her gift. We will be bringing our own food for the rest of the day…Snacks of fruit and nuts and tea will be provided.

Accommodations – You will be responsible for your lodging during the weekend. Upon registration, we will send you a list of local options. If you wish to find another priest/ess friend with whom to stay, ask about that as there may be someone who would love to have you stay with them for the weekend!

How to Register: The first step is to EMAIL ARIEL at to set up the phone call to make sure there is adequate soul preparation for this quest and to ensure there is still space available. If that is complete, you can click here to access the online registration.