Personal Mentorships With Ariel


What is it to be a Wise Wo/man? In this focus we will joyfully investigate what this archetype is beyond age or gender and how you can embody it with the panache of your own unique expression. This mentorship is about coming completely “out of the closet” in both discovering and expressing your most unusual and unique abilities, gifts and talents.

Crone-at-the-Crossroads…From another angle of the hologram, you may feel like you are stuck and moving in molasses, unable to decide in which direction to go. Perhaps you can see or feel a direction that is just out of reach but you don’t know what it is. Something is tantalizing you and mythically calling you forth, but you cannot seem to grasp what is trying to reveal itself.

Or if you find yourself at a critical crossroads in your life and want support to move through this initiatory gateway with consciousness, you perhaps could use the services of a Crone-at-the-Crossroads as a clear reflection and no nonsense truth teller and “butt kicker” across the initiatory threshold!

The Wise Wo/man Mentorship is most appropriate and potent for a being who already gets the cosmic joke, is spiritually awake, emotionally mature, intuitive, creative, metaphorical and artistic in orientation. From that description, you can deduce that it is not my role to advise, predict or pass on intellectual information. I am simply a transmitter of frequency serving as a clear mirror and space holder as you define what is creatively emerging in your life. The answers come from within you. I am just an ally, archetypal catalyst and holy honey dredger!

I simply hold space for you to intuitively see what may be just beyond sight or seemingly just out of reach.  You can expect me to honestly reflect what I see/feel and often with a characteristically whacky Wise Woman sense of humor. Quintessentially, it is my intention to support you in creating your life as a mythic work of art.


  • 6-moon virtual journey
  • 2 phone calls each moon (each call 1 to 1.5 hours)
  • 1 optional in-person soul sit during our work together
  • Personalized Notes after each call
  • Energy Exchange: $1,300. Per moon
  • Start time: To be arranged


Perhaps your life has lost its luster, bubbles its delightful sparkle.

Your enthusiasm may have become flat root beer, and your creativity paints may have dried up. You want juiciness, aliveness, and vibrancy to infuse your life again!

If your inspirational down line seems clogged or you want to hotwire your creative Muse, you may wish to call on me as a Cosmic Cheerleader-Faerie Godmother!

The Cosmic Cheerleader Mentorship is for a being who wants honest, clear, accurate reflection about his or her life, but definitely knows it will be served with a scoop of creative inspiration, coyote humor and light heartedness. This mentorship is to support you in being the playful Divine Child that you are in your innate being and also to feel the fullness of who your soul came to Earth to be mythically embodied as. Perhaps you have a creative project that you wish to be encouraged, inspired, fluffed up and blessed by the alchemical wand of a Faerie Godmother.

In this process, it is my delight to challenge your growth edges, assist you in coming into expanded awareness and insights, and truly open up the treasure chest of your endless creative possibilities.

Quite simply as a Cosmic Cheerleader I will be joyfully assisting you in cleaning up your shadow residudu and having fun doing it (by seeing through its illusion) and stepping more fully into your delight as a creative expression of Divine light.  Quintessentially, in this mentorship, I am here to be the updraft of wind beneath your wings, as you first find yourself aloft and then flying ecstatically free.


  • 3-moon virtual journey
  • 1 Archetypal Exploration Call to begin our work
  • 2 phone calls each moon (each call 1 to 1.5 hours)
  • Personalized Notes after each call
  • Energetic Exchange: $1,300 per moon
  • Start Time: To be arranged


The way my primary service is being guided and unfolding at this point in my life is to transmit the frequencies given to me by the Mother to an initiate who is prepared and fully ripened to actually receive that transmission and to offer this wave of 13 Moon work(in their own unique way), back into the world upon my passing. (This may well be the only time I will offer this Divine Feminine transmission in the form of one to one mentorship. )

I am being called to drop this archetypal frequency “stone” into the collective waters of consciousness through you, to leave the vibrational imprint/ legacy that has been transmitted to and through me over my lifetime.

I am opening one space for an intensive one-on-one journey through the 13 Archetypal Faces of the Divine Feminine as explored in the 13 Moon Oracle.

Each moon, we will immerse in a different archetype within an alchemical container to inspire and transmute in the field of mythic, archetypal interface that naturally creates a fast track of spiritual evolution. You will be directly guided twice each moon as well as the option of 3 in-person archetypal interfaces to energetically deepen our alchemical journey with direct vibrational transmission.

For 13 moons, you will be guided and initiated directly as you enter into the Divine Feminine Mystery of the 13 Moons. The intention of this work is that you immerse yourself in and then fully embody these Sacred Feminine archetypes in your radiant presence and expression…that you be a natural transmitter of these frequencies in the world!

You will have a strong feeling of inner knowing, if you are ripe to receive these transmissions. Due to the intensity of this process, there is an application process to ensure we have the appropriate resonance to do this work together.

Energetic Exchange: $3,333. Per moon

13 Moon commitment

Start Time: To be arranged

 If you are called to deepen around working with me directly, please note which mentorship you are interested in (emailing me at and I will send you an application to establish if there is the alignment and resonance to do this work together.

Mentoring Options