Laughing Stock Certificates!

Dying Laughing Productions Presents – Laughing Stock!

Congratulations! You can now become a laughing stock…holder for only $9.99!



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The Universe is, of course, laughing at us on Earth, as lively, though easily distractible little holographic images, in the 3D reality movie called human life, where humor IS the sign of higher consciousness!! Have you made any good movies lately, answering the question: “Is there conscious life in the Universe?” That is what LAUGHING STOCK is all about. To buy this stock is to answer that question with a resounding YES!!! You’ve just got to get the Cosmic Joke somewhere or time along the millennia of starring in these holographic movies of human life, so WHY NOT NOW!! Buying stock is indicative of getting the Cosmic Joke. So when this stock is in your hands, CELEBRATE!!

LAUGHING STOCK is fashionably divine currency that is traded exclusively at the Laughing Stock Exchange Clearing House, which is, of course, listed on the Tao Jones. It has the reverse of a “down-line”. It has an “up-line” straight to the Divine, pointing directly to what was worth paying attention to in the first place!

When you are a LAUGHING STOCK HOLDER, abundance will just naturally pour down like a thunderstorm because the Universe loves nothing better than to share a good laugh! Share the wealth! Share LAUGHING STOCK with friends!!

Each LAUGHING STOCK certificate is signed and numbered so that it CAN be traded, as value will skyrocket on this initial stock offering in which you are participating!

To get in on this rare stock offering, walk, don’t run, ’cause you might trip, laughing hysterically, going to get your very own stock for only $9.99 (with postage)

HERE AT Dying Laughing Productions – www.holographicgoddess.com

Bootzie Oil

The sexiest scent ever! Our signature scent hand blended by Bootzie with warm vanillas and spicy essential oils.Featured in the 2012 MTV VMA awards Swag Bags for the artists! Its addictive and both men and women love it.

Canadian retailers contact weaveragencies.com.

Also Sold at: Spleandor- Park City UT, Mountain Body- Park City, OMG- New Port Beach, Mercantile- Makawao, Ajna Reese Boutique- Denver CO. , Aphrodites Closet Alameda CA, Enchanted Fox -Medway MA, Vintage Flamingo- San Anselmo CA, Philianthropy- Waipio HI, Swank Boutique-Spokane, Studio C- Ojai CA, Knoxville Soap & Candle – Knoxville, Em & Lee – Huston Texas !



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The 13 Moon Sacred-Play Journals

Two years in the making, these Journals are to be used in conjunction with the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury. There are pages for tracking dreams, divinations, moon cycle intentions, direct transmissions from the archetypes, ceremonies, archetypal challenges, sacred contracts, and much more.

There is a place to make your own Tarot Key and many blank pages for writing, drawing and collecting images that represent the archetypes. It is especially helpful if you are doing the self initiatory work of The Alchemy of Ecstasy: Initiates Guide to the Goddesses Mysteries, to have a means of tracking your progress and deepen your process with this solo work. It is also a wonderful tool if you are in a 13 Moon year long initiation circle, and extremely helpful to those who are doing virtual Priest/essing!

Each journal chapter is $33.00 with shipping and handling.

To purchase, please visit sacredplaytemple.net or reach Lyndal for questions at: sacredmuse@me.com

Ariel Spilsbury’s endorsement:

“This is a very valuable tool, brilliantly designed for use in the Self-initiating journey through the 13 Sacred Archetypes of the Divine Feminine. I highly recommend it and give it Five Stars!”

Velvety Lined 13 Moon Oracle Card Bags

The perfect place to keep your 13 Moon Oracle Cards! Adorned with the Triquetra symbol of the triple face of the Goddess in glistening gold.



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Hand Batiked Mayan Card Bags for your Mayan Oracle cards

These sturdy, hand batiked card bags were crafted in Bali of cotton and silk. They are made for holding your Mayan Oracle cards. You may choose between Cib or Cauac designs on the front.

Please note which you prefer or we will choose for you!



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Buzz in a Bottle

Oh yeah, baby. You need to experience Buzz in a Bottle Cayenne Pepper Tincture!!!! Sassy is as sassy does, just eat this stuff.. you’ll get a Buzz! Now imagine can-can lines of cayenne peppers doing rockette perfect kicks in unison to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and you’ve got the unforgettable feeling of a cayenne pepper buzz!! Whoopee!!

Thrill seekers launching pad..offering up boisterous praise for the delirium of Launch in a Bottle.. (Let’s do Launch someday soon, hey?) The new product that is sweeping the market place for sensation, endorphin junkies and flush, blush freaks with red cheeks..courting the flame that by any other name would be the rabble rouser rouge, cayenne peppermeister..get a Buzz Ripper Buzz why cuz.. peppers are provocative, piquant, pungent and potently penetrating..tantalizing inciting and totally exhilarating..fiery, ardent Blaze in a Bottle.. even the tantra folks say flames are roused to kindling by this raging rabble rouser.