The 13 Moon Oracle – Second Printing


  • 39 Cards
  • 4 Meditation CDs
  • 204-Page Guidebook
  • Moon-Cycle Mat
  • 3 Throwing Tokens in a Velvet Pouch



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As promised, Second Printings are now available for $133!!

A Journey Through the Archetypal Faces of the Divine Feminine is an inner roadmap , an entryway into the Mystery offering a holographic form and alchemical map for your consciousness to effortlessly enter into a higher order of reality with ecstasy and joy. Composed of a deck of 39 cards (13 Archetypal cards, 13 Sacred Tool cards, 13 Frequency cards), an oracular throwing mat, three tokens in a pouch, four CDs and a guidebook, The 13-Moon Oracle will help you access deeper spiritual clarity and internal guidance. You can work with these archetypal energies by drawing and meditating upon one or more cards in conjunction with the corresponding oracle text in the guidebook. Designed to use individually or in a group, the moon mat and throwing tokens will assist you in going deeper into the Mystery.

This lunar oracle, a cutting-edge consciousness tool, contains holographic, humorous wisdom direct from the Mystery of the Divine Feminine, mixed with the newest quantum physics as well as the most ancient pure vibrational food intended to catalyze your consciousness into standing on a cosmic surfboard and shouting, “Hallelujah, I am awake!”

We are the Mythmakers. Together we are co-creating the transition into a new frequency on Earth. The 13 Moon Oracle is a lucid roadmap offering mythic scripting for the soul’s remembrance and multi-dimensional gateways into the Mystery. It is written to illuminate and support you. Companions of Destiny, in the ecstatic creation of a new consciousness on Earth. Join us!

“As rare as frost on a pomegranate and as powerful as 10,000 suns, Ariel Spilsbury’s latest opus drinks in a sky of knowledge. She has distilled her life’s study into an intelligent, organic, oracular technology designed to assist seekers of truth in surrendering to what they’ve always known but may have forgotten. Ariel, a perennial sage of our time, has given us a gift…the gift of a tool to explore the ecstatic Mystery too vast to quench the thirst of comprehension.”

—Wade McCollum, Insight Out Theatre Collective, Artistic Director

“No one will dispute the superior quality of vintage wines. The 13- Moon Oracle is like the most subtle and sumptuous bottle of timelessly vintage Goddess wine!”

—Demian Spilsbury (aka Dionysus)

The 13 Moon Oracle Cards: Finding Guidance From Within

Finally, there is a purse sized 13 Moon Oracle edition for doing readings and finding guidance on the go!

The 13 Moon Oracle Cards are more than just another deck. They are a portal into expanded states of consciousness through archetypal resonance. Evoking energies from the Divine Feminine Mysteries, this “oracle” invites you to find your guidance within, rather than relying solely on external prescriptions. The 39 beautiful cards are lenses through which you can access your own Soul Essence and understand your individual part in the greater whole of the Cosmos.

Ariel Spilsbury, is the co-author of The Mayan Oracle and author of The 13 Moon Oracle: Holographic Meditations on the Mystery, The Sacred Marriage Within, and The Alchemy Of Ecstasy: Initiates Guide to the Goddess’ Mysteries. Ariel is a planetary midwife and an archetypal agent for transformation.



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The 13 Moon Sacred-Play Journals

Two years in the making, these Journals are to be used in conjunction with the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury. There are pages for tracking dreams, divinations, moon cycle intentions, direct transmissions from the archetypes, ceremonies, archetypal challenges, sacred contracts, and much more.

There is a place to make your own Tarot Key and many blank pages for writing, drawing and collecting images that represent the archetypes. It is especially helpful if you are doing the self initiatory work of The Alchemy of Ecstasy: Initiates Guide to the Goddesses Mysteries, to have a means of tracking your progress and deepen your process with this solo work. It is also a wonderful tool if you are in a 13 Moon year long initiation circle, and extremely helpful to those who are doing virtual Priest/essing!

Each journal chapter is $33.00 with shipping and handling.

To purchase, please visit or reach Lyndal for questions at:

Ariel Spilsbury’s endorsement:

“This is a very valuable tool, brilliantly designed for use in the Self-initiating journey through the 13 Sacred Archetypes of the Divine Feminine. I highly recommend it and give it Five Stars!”

The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars

Illustrated by Oceanna (, published by Bear & Company

The Mayan Oracle playfully aligns us with the powers of the cosmos and with our higher selves. Based on the ancient and prophetic sacred Mayan calendar, this oracle is composed of 44 cards: 20 Mayan star-glyphs, 13 numbers, and 11 “lenses of mystery”. By working and meditating with these cards, we can get in touch with our sacred purpose and overcome blocks to greater self-awareness. The Mayan Oracle helps to access the initiatory processes offered by the Mayan archetypes and the Great Mystery.

Soft Back with Cards

The Mayan Oracle is now only being published in this soft back form and includes all 44 cards listed above. If you would like to have your copy personally signed by the author, please provide your birthday in your order.



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Mayan Mudras, Mantras and Meditations from The Mayan Oracle DVD with Ariel and Natalia Price

THIS NEW PRODUCT IS GREAT FOR MEDITATION AND ESTABLISHING RESONANCE WITH THE 20 MAYAN ARCHETYPAL STAR GLYPHS! For many years people have been telling me that they find it difficult to tell from just the word descriptions in The Mayan Oracle, how the mudra’s are actually done. So finally, Natalia Price, an amazing mudric dancer, and myself, put together a DVD with myself narrating the qualities, affirmations and meditations for each archetype, while Natalia shows exactly how the mudras are done. Then we put a moving meditation, three times at the end of the DVD with the entire cycle of 20 archetypes flowing one into another. Enjoy!

In Lakech.. Ariel Spilsbury Co–Author of The Mayan Oracle



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Hear The Mythic Call from the Mayan Oracle

Play 1. English Version
Play 2. Spanish Version

“The Mayan Oracle amplifies intuition, tunes the mind, and harmonizes the human heart. Truly a new instrument for the ageless questing soul!”

~ Don G. Campbell, author of The Roar of Silence ~

“The Mayan understanding of the subtleties of time was greater than our own. The Mayan Oracle’s approach to tapping into the synchronistic power within the symbols is fascinating and commendable.”

~ Terrance McKenna, author of Food of the Gods ~

“This tool touches the cellular body with a galactic harmonic language of light, enabling a deep remembrance that we are, in truth, unconditional love.”

~ Rowena Pattee Kryder, author of the Gaia Matrix Oracle