Ceremonial Initiations

You can’t teach a jelly fish how to sing by feeding it canary seed.

Experience Ariel as a Consciousness Journey Guide “Professional Consciousness Tweaker” and Ceremonial Initiator where mythic exchanges of archetypal presence, power and potency are the standard offering.

What is the difference between ordinary ego states of consciousness and states of higher consciousness ? No Doubt.

The mind in service to higher consciousness, rather than running the reality movie.

Consciousness Tweaking is Ariel’s area of mastery…

These are uniquely designed group or individual ceremonies of archetypal initiation for the purpose of accelerated spiritual evolution. They are an immersion in a high frequency archetypal field that catalyzes, shifts, and naturally transforms patterns of lesser frequency. They are a consciousness tune-up! A station tuner.. that hold the intention of tuning you into your own soul voice and inner wisdom.They are mythic exchanges of archetypal presence and empowerment of the Essence Self. They utilize poetry, song, symbols, geometry, mudra, dance, art, stories, metaphor, in short the language of higher consciousness. These sessions are an immersion in a high frequency archetypal field that catalyzes, shifts, and naturally transforms patterns and beliefs of lesser frequency. These personal initiations are offered when a person feels ready to shift gears into more expanded awareness and the implied attendant responsibility.

In these sessions Ariel acts as a adept harmonic navigator, opening the participant’s inner direction toward expansion into pure awareness , heart knowing, gnosis and jubilant “aha” epiphanies that last longer than the experience itself..moving into integration into your expression in daily life. These initiations are offered when a person or persons feel ready to shift gears into a more expanded awareness and the implied attenuating responsibility.

Through the lightening path of initiation, you are choosing to enter into an accelerated evolutionary patterning of consciousness. The intention of ceremonial initiation is to expand your awareness into a mystically unified state in which you open to receive your own truth as a divine being. In this work, you enter into a conscious process of rebirth, completing the rites of passage necessary to stand in the truth and power of who you actually are, revealing “the face you wore before you were born”

This process focuses on unraveling rigid perceptual grids, assisting you in seeing through the distortions of wounding with laser-like epiphany awareness. This clarity occurs through the power of archetypal energy, which acts as a magnifying lens to transform and catalyze through the intensity of its focus. In this process, the altar within is cleared to establish direct alignment with your essential nature, activating remembrance of the gifts, lineages and talents held there.During ceremonial initiation, the transformation of your consciousness and heightening of your general awareness is the entire focus. Each ceremony is uniquely created especially for the initiate. Drawing from a pallet of myth, symbols, lineage poems,dance, story, art, you are honored as you remember and step more fully and consciously into your beauty and power as a mythic being!

In a highly charged, archetypal, resonant field,clear reflections are offered from the simplicity and power of pure awareness that often affect leaps in consciousness. The vibrational shifts catalyzed in this work, reflect as actual changes in countenance, behavior and life decisions.Change occurs in “aha” awareness from the Essence downward rather than incrementally from the ego upward.This initiation process begins with an interview to identify your personal intent for this work, followed later by the ceremony itself.

Remuneration for time and energy spent for the quantum shift in awareness that is offered by this archetypal interface, is individually negotiated.

Rites of Passage

She carves sacred marks on the branch of a birch tree, priestess hallowing the moon’s swelling belly and births. .. She celebrates potent transitions in this holy walk on Earth.

Ariel designs unique, tailor made ceremonies to celebrate the important transitions in your life. Birth, Naming, Adolescence/First Moon, Adulthood, Parenthood, Elder-ship, death (And anything else you deem to be a transition such as Divorce which has become a major rite of passage in our culture!)

Wedding Officiant and Magical Wedding Creations

Do you want to have a wedding that will be so totally memorable as to stand out in the participant’s minds as the most unique wedding/commitment ceremony they have ever attended?

If you want to have a wedding/commitment ceremony, and want it to be different than the usual fare, let Ariel help you create a ceremony that is uniquely your own! She has designed a variety of weddings, including Native American, earth oriented ceremonies, galactic union ceremonies, mythic Camelot/Avalon ceremonies, sword and chalice ceremonies, fairy ring ceremonies, archetypal star lineage re-unions, Alice in Wonderland tea-party ceremonies, Mayan temple ceremonies, Celtic hand-fasting, Egyptian pledging, a Pirates Fantasy Island adventure, a ceremony in a circus or gypsy tent, and an underground Kiva or cave ceremony. As wild a ceremony as you can imagine, Ariel and her staff can create. Add to this the possibility of even an outrageously beautiful, culturally normative wedding and you can begin to see the range on the palette of possibilities that is being offered.

Ariel is a licensed Minister of the Universal Life Church. She is a life long Priestess of the Goddess. She is the co-author of The Mayan Oracle and The 13 Moon Oracle. She has been conducting rites of passage and ceremonies including namings, birthdays, death rites, croning ceremonies and weddings for over thirty years. It is her desire to create unusual and imaginative ceremonies and weddings for those who wish to create the memory of a lifetime, by sharing a unique vision of themselves with their families, friends and loved ones.

Please contact her to discuss how you can manifest the wedding of your dreams!

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Wise Wo/man Cronings

“A culture that does not honor it’s elders, does not survive!” Joseph Campbell

How do we honor the rites of passage in our lives? Birth, Adolescence/First Moon, Adulthood, Parenthood, Eldership. In this rite of passage we honor the opening to the stage of our evolution that has been called Elder, Crone, Wise One, Tribal Elder. In the Mayan culture these are offered at 52 years of age when one has been one full turn around their sacred calendar, the Tzolkin, but it can be offered whenever you wish to stop and positively honor and celebrate your entry into this powerful stage of human evolution. Each of these ceremonies is individually tailored to your unique expression of this transition in life.

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First Moon Ceremonies for Young Girls

“Holy Beloved Daughter of the Goddess, joyfully enter now into the circle of women!”

These are individually planned rites of passage ceremonies designed to offer a positive view of the gift of our “moon time” to young women entering into womanhood. These ceremonies celebrate the sanctity of this event with presents, a planned enactment, and support from a circle of women close to the girl who is being honored.

(Artwork by Elizabeth Kyle)

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Sacred Naming Ceremonies

A name is a vibrational blueprint of how your authentic expression can out-picture in the world. It is a call to remembrance of who you truly are in your essence!

One: This is a ceremony of calling in the soul name of a new life coming onto the planet. It can happen sometime around the time of the birth of a new child. This is a planned celebration with a circle of loving friends and family, to welcome this new spirit and listen for his/her soul name.

Two: Another naming ceremony is called soul naming. This ceremony is called for when an individual can no longer fit into the containers (name) his or her ego self and culture has previously established to contain that energy. This is a celebration to acknowledge moving beyond cultural labels and stepping into your power as a Divine Being living in alignment with the Essential Self.

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Laughter is to death, what tuning is to timelessness.

Mystics say that we laugh upon the moment of death because if we haven’t known it before, we see clearly that all that ever mattered was love anyway! In this earth journey we are all pilgrims on the path to the Unknown. Let us celebrate the lives of the ones who “go before” and become openers of the way in Love!

Ariel creates unique “Wakes” , memorials that celebrate the gifts that any one life stream leaves behind as a legacy for this world. These ceremonies focus on lifting everyone into remembrance of the preciousness of life while celebrating the uniqueness of the being who has transitioned on to another adventure in the Unknown!

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