Turns of the Wheel

Join with us in a planetary virtual priest/esshood to create circles within circles within Her, celebrating Her high holy days for full moon, new moon and turns of the eight spoked wheel, honoring collective balance together.

Enroll in this Virtual Priest/esshood

This is simply a service if you enroll to be notified of collective planetary shifts and divine downloads around the Solstices and Equinoxes and counter quarters. We are a Planetary virtual Priest/esshood through this network. This is open to possible submissions by anyone wishing to contribute to our awareness of re-balancing on a planetary scale.

See the 13 Moon Oracle to track these turns of the 8 spoked wheel.

It is time for us to turn the collective tide, by reconnecting with the natural planetary rhythms in the simple honoring of the phases of the moon! Join together in circles to enact this collective process of balancing!