About Ariel

“I am a mumbling mystic, a brilliant fool, a savant of symbols, a wily wordsmyth, a crone and wisewoman of wyrd, a fairy godmother, a sound priestess and crystal singer, a consciousness trainer, an initiator and truth teller, a lifelong cheerleader for the Goddess, a serpent moon visionary, a scribe and oracle of the Mystery, a Glass Bead Game magister, an archetypal agent for transformation, a mythic guide, a Crazy Wisdom initiator, divine child magician, a mythic script writer, a harmonic navigator, a planetary midwife and inner dimensions journey guide.”

Ariel’s Books:

Ariel is the founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School which is a part of The Sanctuary of the Open Heart which is dedicated to accessing the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine within each of us! The intention of the 13 Moon Mystery School is to uplift and transform collective consciousness.

As planetary midwives, we join in unified service to unconditional Love and heart centered awareness. Our primary practice is to be living embodiments of divine principles, direct knowledge, and the wisdom that arises through full attention to the present moment! Our focus is on the mythic and archetypal aspects of our Essential Selves. If your heart resonates, go to the Sanctuary website to make soul filling discoveries!

Ariel’s present focus in consciousness is building the Sanctuary of the Open Heart to ground the 13 Moon Mystery School in the San Francisco bay area, as a template of the new, balanced paradigm emerging.

The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is a non-profit organization whose vision it is to honor Unity Consciousness through the lens of the Divine Feminine. Earth is now entering a higher patterning and spiral of human evolution, one that honors the wisdom of both males and females equally. It is our intention to bring forward the ancient-future ways of the Sacred Feminine, to co-create in Unity consciousness.

Ways to Possibly Play with Me

The a priori premises upon which all of my work is based:

  • That archetypal energy heals, catalyzes and transforms the human body/psyche
  • That what work is done for the one is done for all in the planetary collective mind field.
  • That we are living embodiments of mastery and divine love.
  • That humor is a hallmark of higher consciousness.
  • That beauty is the central organizing principle of evolution.
  • That an open heart is the gateway to higher awareness.
  • That nature, including humans, is a flat hierarchy of co-created evolution.
  • That we are holograms in the mind of God and thus naturally think holographically.
  • That there is only one work: the authentic expression of essence.

More imp-ortantly..

I invite you to “feel my frequency” in any of the consciousness training events that you align with on this offering sheet, to see if there is a resonance fit or if we can actually be of service to each other. Remembering that the first gate in the Mystery is always trust…. Trusting your heart and jumping. Free fallers respond if you resonate!

Depending on your prior work, you will either resonate with the following offerings or not. They are deliberately distilled into their quintessential essence so that your heart will respond enthusiastically if involvement in this work is appropriate for your growth, rather than your mind sifting through a lot of words to analyze whether it might be or not. Rest assured that you will probably “learn” nothing from working with me. However, through direct experiences, you may remember yourself as the master that you already are and laugh while doing it. In an atmosphere that supports moving out of ego/mind into mythic and archetypal exchanges between high selves, you may also meet and deepen at a soul level with companions of destiny and other mythic mischief makers. Are you titillated? Come play.

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Are You are Star-Kin?

I am Looking for conscious mythic players seeded to play their part in the New Dream unfolding. Must be able to be empty enough to hold archetypal energy and wisdom. Lineage resumes, entry port descriptions and locator numbers gratefully received. Humor: please list undergraduate and advanced degrees and location and nature of your most recent assignments. Searching for those who committed to the creation of a Sacred Garden Sanctuary for Divine Child Magicians, with a fifth dimensional sound and light temple, supportive of the mythic dimensions of being. Where are you? We need your part of the geometry to complete the pattern! Speak your piece of the template. Please contact me!

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