Future Visions

The Sanctuary of the Open Heart: Build Her Temple in The Bay

We are a living Mystery School dedicated to the wisdom teachings of the Divine Feminine within each of us. We are planetary midwives celebrating Unity Consciousness. Joyously following our sovereign paths, we join in unified service to unconditional love and heart centered awareness.

It is our vision to build a sanctuary that nurtures the illumination of Consciousness through honoring Divine beauty and the embodiment of our essential Selves. We delight in focusing on the mythic, archetypal and soul directed dimensions of being. We envision a sacred chalice where creativity, connectedness and cooperation vibrantly flourish.

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If this vision resonates with you, please visit and contact us: sanctuaryoftheopenheart.com

Living Mystery School

A new cosmological template of human evolution is manifesting before our very eyes. What is unique about this self organizing phenomenon is that it is only revealed and can only be witnessed as it unfolds. It is an evolutionary impetus that is emerging at this time, in the hearts of all human beings simultaneously. The Maya’s say the nature of this impetus can be looked at as a species ‘graduation”, a birthing of what has been growing on this planet for the last 26,000 years. Toward the fulfillment of this amazing possibility, we hold the intention of the creation of The Living Mystery School. This school’s purpose is not the retrieval of arcane knowledge, rather it’s intention is to clear and open beings to receiving the divine encodement that is now becoming available to our consciousness, like clay impressed with the grace of a new hologram and frequency of higher vibration truth. This trans-formative new wave is not asking us to do anything, rather simply to be empty receptors, who are, through surrendered divine focus, facilitating a quantum leap in human consciousness. As the singular intention of The Living Mystery School, this leap will be offered through many modalities of conscious openings and explorations that move awareness further into the Mystery of this new divine revelation.

The Thirteen Moon Oracle: Holographic Meditations on the Mystery, The Glass Bead Game and The Mythic Park are three models which have already been developed for such explorations of archetypal, vibrational truth and direct transmissions of Divine intent. What characterizes the difference in this mystery school is its emphasis on not putting more information into the system, rather offering processes which assist beings in emptying to become direct receptors and living embodiments of divine principles and knowledge, living catalysts for transformation through direct transmission of frequency.

Glass Bead Games

Has Herman Hesse’s Glass Bead Game haunted you, as if it elusively holds something of great significance in your spiritual journey that keeps eluding you? If this titillates your imagination, read on.

Magister Ludi, the Glass Bead Game Magister, challenges you to a “for real” Glass Bead Game. The Magic Theater and The Glass Bead Game have finally be “realized”. This is NOT a game for intellectual dilettantes! Au Contraire! To be able to qualify to become a player in the Glass Bead Game, there are several high resonance gateways to test your actual preparation. If this makes you shiver with anticipation, spiritually speaking, read on.

This is an invitation from the Mystery to co-create to bring high magic into Reality..

Want to play?

Please begin to navigate the first gate by sending an entry port description and galactic frequency equivalent. Secondly, list your humor credentials: (i.e., undergraduate and advanced degrees and location of your most recent assignments) and anything else you deem pertinent to removing the mask to reveal your actual true Essence. Good luck in the labyrinth, fun seekers!

The Glass Bead Game Matrix
The Glass Bead Game

“We re-enact with reverent attention
The Universal chord, the master’s harmony,
Evoking in absolute communion
Minds and times of highest sanctity.

We draw upon the iconography
Whose mystery is able to contain
The Boundlessness, the storm of all existence.
Give chaos form and hold our lives in rein.

The pattern sings like crystal constellations,
And when we tell our beads, we serve the whole,
And cannot be dislodged or misdirected,
For we are held in the orbit of the Cosmic Sail.”

Herman Hesse

Contact Ariel to play!

Avalon Young Priest/ess of the Goddess Training School

Do you feel ‘different’ than other kids?

Do you often feel depressed or unfulfilled though your life on the outside looks just fine?

Do you have unusual psychic gifts?

Are you extremely sensitive?

Do you feel other people’s feelings?

Do you have very vivid dreams?

Do people often come to ask your advice and receive your counsel?

Do you naturally find yourself ‘teaching’ and sharing your wisdom with others?

If so..

Consider signing up for Young Priestess of the Goddess Training School.

Where you will:

Meet other like-hearted beings on the priestess path!

Develop your sensitivities as special gifts rather than problems!

Discover your natural creative rhythms and voice.

Contact Ariel for more details

Remember Yourself as the Priest/ess You Truly Are!!!

(This Priestess’ Story is written in the voice of Ariel Spilsbury)

As I was growing up, I always had different interests, gifts, sensitivities and priorities than most of my friends. Though I looked like the other kids, I always felt like the movie character Powder. I longed for something insubstantial, un-namable. I felt like something essential was missing in my life, but I couldn’t put my finger on what that could be. I had very unusual sensitivities with sound and color. I could see energy and feel what other people were feeling. These ‘gifts” were considered to be a cause for concern in my parents who instead of seeing these special abilities as ‘gifts,” thought they indicated a trip to the psychologist. It wasn’t long before my gifts went underground. I continued to have a rich inner life, but became more and more reclusive as no one else seemed to find what I did, real or valuable. This process went on into my teens until the peer pressure against my apparent differences became so great, that I finally capitulated and began to sadly repress who I truly was, to try to become like everyone else in what felt like an effort to simply survive. By my late teens I became very depressed because I had lost the thread of who I authentically was, that would have steered me in directions that would have served my evolution. I became very solitary and sad.

Finally in a gift of grace, (or perhaps as scheduled at a soul level), I met an older woman in a University class who turned out to be a spiritual mentor and guide that reawakened me to my true nature as a priestess of the Goddess. She came as a total blessing in my life when I was in the midst of deep despair and forgetting. She died shortly thereafter, but the door to remembrance had been opened.

I am now almost sixty years old. When I was a young girl, no one was talking about priestess’ or the Goddess. It was considered blasphemous. I longed for a priestess school where I could go to learn and remember what was important to my heart, my skills in sacred work for the Goddess. Needless to say, no such school existed. As it was, it took years of patient meditation, prayer, research and voluminous reading, teaching and sharing to come to be in the position in which I now sit, as a priestess of the Goddess. I have scribed a manuscript for the Goddess called The Alchemy of Ecstasy: Initiates Guide to the Goddess’ Mysteries which is a guidebook for direct, mystical initiation into the Female Mysteries. It embodies an on-going curriculum for an Avalon priest/ess school.

If this sounds like YOUR story, please consider joining us in the Young Priestess of the Goddess Training School to activate your own process of REMEMBRANCE!! Avalon is being reborn in the hearts of the Goddess’ Priestesses! Join us for that celebration and the empowerment of your unique gifts in the Goddess!

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