Gaia’s New Dreamcoat – Audio & Downloads

25 Audio Transmissions of Ariel’s personal narration of your Faerie Godmother and varied guest artists sharing the stories and wisdom of all 25 characters!

Like twinkle landing lights in a dark time, each story illuminates our journey into the Unknown on Earth, offering ancient wisdom and navigating instructions direct from the magical courts of elves, faeries, gnomes, mermaids, elementals, devas, dryads, sylphs, sprites, Fae, Wee Folk and emissaries from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms too boot!

Downloadable Audio from Gaia’s New Dreamcoat!

To download, select a track and click on the download icon in the upper right corner of the audio player. It’s to the right of the heart icon.

Listen to Scribing Sessions!

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