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When I go to the wasteland of Netflix or Amazon, I usually end up choosing nothing. I am compiling this list so that you can have at least the names of some films that uplift rather than denigrate human consciousness. I am defining a movie as mythic if it demonstrates spiritual principles, illuminates, uplifts, reveals, piques, or evokes conscious awareness. Due to my own sensitivities, I have tried to eliminate and/or note those films with violence unless it was not gratuitous and was a part of the revelation in the myth. Those with *’s are highly recommended. If you have other films you wish to have added to this list, please email me with their exact titles and a short blurb like these. I will view them and add them to future versions of this list.


*****LION A miraculously moving film about loss and survival of a 5 year old in India and his quest to find his original family in India after he grows up as an adopted child in Australia. AWESOME!

*****MR. CHURCH: A very unassuming film that touches the core of what “family” actually is and the nature of unconditional love as a lived reality. This film shines a brilliant light on the apotheosis that can be found in death and loss.

****THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY: A deeply moving film about an Indian genius mathematician S Ramanujin, who, in his purity and innocence, received his mathematical formula’s directly from the Divine. It is a tale of epic poignancy and beauty. Don’t miss it!

DRUID PEAK: A film on the redemption of an adolescent bully being healed in nature with a touching focus on wolves . A moving story, beautifully filmed in Yellowstone National Park.

**THE MIGHTY: An exceptional film about two “freaks” who are brought together to ally and support each other in their unusual circumstances and (dis) abilities. A creative use of the King Authur myth as a imaginal catalyst for the plot and action.

MR. NOBODY: An AMAZING film about critical choice points in our journey and how differently life turns out due to ONE choice. It is about doubt, how doubting our choices affects the journey. Also looks at what is “real” and whether we are “awake” or “asleep”. Very consciousness provoking!

(First scene in bathtub, you may wish to close your eyes. several energetically jarring scenes.)

THE NINES: A film about multi-dimensional reality. Starts off strangely like a human drama, but becomes a very interesting look at dimensional existence and whether we are “awake” or “asleep”, which reality is “real”. Though intriguing throughout, the conclusion was a little disappointing for me, but close to the mark, to what I humbly feel is real, which is that we are ALL Divine Creator beings.

200l: A SPACE ODYSSEY.. time travel, the bardos after death, and the un-defineable Great Mystery.

2010: A version of a myth about the miracle happening in our time.

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE: a brilliant riff on the Beatle’s musical genius. Lighted hearted and fun.

**ALWAYS: addresses dimensionality and the transition into the first bardo after death, astral plane existence and possibilities.

ALIVE INSIDE: A very moving film about Alheizmers victims and the effects on memory retreival through the power of music.

THE ADVENTURES OF MILO AND OTIS: a family film about a dog named Otis who sets out to rescue his lifelong friend, a cat named Milo. (Japanese) very touching.

THE ABYSS: about extra-terrestrial beings living under the sea and about the power of love.

AGNES OF GOD: a story of a being who is focused in another reality rather than this one due to her deep wounding and about her subsequent religious devotion.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND: a delightful film to find clues on how to answer the question. “How is mythic reality different than cultural reality?” (One of my personal favorite myths.)

ALIENS: (not Alien) .. a female warrior myth about taking back female power, consciousness of the female polarity.

ALL OF ME: a comedic view of the male/female polarity brilliantly acted by steve martin and lily tomlin.

AMADEUS.. the mythic aspect of the life of the brilliant musician and composer, Amadeus Mozart.

AMELIE…an example of a truly magical glass bead game. (French subtitles)

AMERICAN BEAUTY…a look at a highly sensitive artistic being raised by a military father and the clash of those perspectives. Stunning photography.

ANDRE: A sweet family film about a family’s relationship adopting a sea otter into the family.

ANNA TO THE INFINITE POWER; about the misuse of power, quest to find out who one truly is.

ANTIWONE FISHER…a very touching story of facing ones inner demons and redemption from these childhood emotional woundings.

AS GOOD AS IT GETS…a very funny film, kooky love story about someone (Jack Nicholson) who is an obsessive compulsive who is healed with love.

AS IT IS IN HEAVEN: A Swedish film in the tradition of noir films that come from that cold depressingly long winter, a very illuminating look at the nature of MUSIC & redemption.

AUGUST RUSH: Tho the metaphor of reunion with the abandoning mother is a bit cloying and stretched, there are some wonderful moments about the sacred nature of all sound.

AWAKE: The story of Yoganandas’ awakening and the fulfillment of his life’s dharma of bringing eastern wisdom to the West.

AWAKE IN THE DREAM: A beautifully filmed documentary style offering from Gaia TV network on the process of awakening in the dream of life and what that takes, told from many points of view from Neal Donald Walsch, to Mooji, Nassim Haramein, Bruce Lipton etc.

AWAKENINGS…a movie about the precious opportunity of being in human form and experiencing the senses and the exquisiteness of human love.

BEATRIX POTTER; A story of unrequited love in Victorian England and a great portrayal of how fate steps in to support creative genius that may not be recognized otherwise.

BEAUTIFUL GREEN (THE). A look from an alien’s perspective coming to Earth, seeing through the eyes of advanced consciousness, how ordinary things like “lipstick” and separation appear. It can be viewed on youtube..

*BEAUTIFUL MIND…one of the most profound movies about a highly sensitive mind. It details this being’s journey into accepting his unusual mind and how love sustained him through the process.

BEING THERE…a very slow film but worthy to show the possibilities in being fully present in the moment + the simplicity of perception that that allows + illuminates the mythic archetype of the fool.

BEING JOHN MALKOVICH…this film explores identity, alternate realities and what it would be like to step into someone else’s mind. Very entertaining.

BELLA: A powerful movie about the nature of compassion and karma with beautifully unusual cinematography and a sensitive look into the family dynamics of a Mexican family.

BENNY AND JOON…details what some would call “mentally ill” beings, but I call highly sensitive artists, finding someone equally sensitive to share life with. (Johnny Depp is great in this!)

BERNADETTE..about the life of a saint.

*BIG…about being a child in an adult body and the difference in perspectives and expectations about reality.

BIG BLUE a slow but beautiful film about the story of an ET person who is more dolphin than human, trying to make sense of the human experience.

BIG FISH…this is a story about tall tales, myth and reality. A son wants to know the truth about his father’s tall tales and this is the response from the father’s perspective of answering that question.

THE BIG KAHUNA ..A fascinating look at a jaded, sarcastic, male character and how he brilliantly uses language to project, blame and avoid feelings, which has a beautiful apotheosis and blossoming into vulnerability and love by the end.

BILLY ELLIOTT: A charmingly poignant English film that quirkily demonstrates that following one’s impulse toward what is joyful, leads to the triumph of living in alignment with one’s destiny!

BIRDY…a movie about what happens to a sensitive artist who is subjected to the horrors of war and about his healing process. Very touching and poignant.. (could be very disturbing to some sensitives.)

BLISS…a silly film about how altered one’s perceptions of reality are after a “near-death” experience. (not to be confused with one by the same title about tantra.)

THE BOY WITH GREEN HAIR…an exploration of a young, war orphan’s experience as his hair changes colors, about outcasts, and belonging.

THE BOY WHO COULD FLY; about believing in magic and valuing special abilities and differences in each of us.

BRAINSTORM…This film is excellent to show how important it is to actually step into “anothers” position. Incredible and accurate scene about the first moments after physical death.

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS…a totally surrealistic movie written by Kurt Vonnegut about a used car salesman questioning the values of his urban and twisted values life. Sharp and witty. One of the first stories to warn us of the eco~crisis we’re now facing. (Written in the 1960’s)

BREWSTER MCCLOUD…a fantasy about a boy who wants to live like a bird

BRIGHT STAR: This look at the short life of the eighteenth century poet John Keats, is a classic look at genius that wasn’t recognized until the artist has died..or rather genius which considers itself a failure due to the density of that which reflects it… some enchantingly beautiful scenes of English countryside and costuming, as his great love was a costume designer.

BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON..about the life of St. Francis and how he came to be all that he was against all cultural obstacles and judgment.

*BRUCE ALMIGHTY…a very funny movie with Jim Carey about how he would run the world if he were god.

**BUCKET LIST: A look at the transformation that can occur when people face death. Lot of laughs and Jack Nicholson is his outrageous, self in the mix..

THE BURNING TIMES…an in depth documentary about the witch burnings in Europe.

THE BUTCHERS WIFE…a delightful comedy about the ups and downs of a country-raised clairvoyant: misunderstanding accolades and happy endings. Her words, “what I say is not always what people hear” are delivered with punch to an intellectual psychiatrist who counterpoints her simplicity and heart-knowing. A very entertaining and engaging movie.

CATCH 22…this is a Kurt Vonnegut story about a WWII soldier avoiding the insanity of combat.

THE CELESTINE PROPHECY: This is an energy 101R film, that beyond its thin duality plot, genuinely educates in a very simple way, the nature of how our subtle energy fields affect each other and about developing intuition and looking at a soul level, at the issue of why we are attracted to someone.

CHILDREN OF HEAVEN…a very touching story about the deep love of a brother and sister in Tehran. Beautiful film making.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN.. a sweet film about fitting into the adult “machine” of society and forgetting how to be playful and have fun. A Winnie the Pooh adventure worth watching especially for the animation and human interaction in it.

CHOCOLAT…This is about a woman who runs a chocolate shop in France and how she’s a healer in the disguise of a chocolatier!

THE CHRISTMAS CAROL…about archetypes of the ChristMess season. A wonderful representation of the Celtic Green King archetype.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN.. A film about missing the point of life in over work and valuing the mechanical world of money over love and caring. (An interesting use of Winnie the Pooh character animations and real people. )

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA…an entrance into alternate realities and parallel worlds. Aslan, the lion is stunning!

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND…One man’s mythic quest to see and discover the larger pattern and vastness of possibities in the Universe. About following your inner knowing.

COCOON…extra-terrestrials and compassion for all life forms.. (Ariel gives the scene in the swimming pool the “most steamy cosmic eros” award!)

**CONTACT…about one person’s journey of self discovery in her love of astronomy. Deeply moving, highly recommended. The sacred geometry alone is worth seeing the movie.

CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD: A slow, but excellent film about listening to one’s own inner voice and following its guidance. An inspiring view of one’s soul journey to understanding spiritual reality. (Taken from the author’s personal life experience.)

CRASH (2005)…a brilliant look at where racial prejudice comes from, from several different perspectives. Some disturbing violence, but necessary to the plot line.

CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON…the cinematography is worth seeing this film. Typical storyline of the good and evil myth, however it’s depicted with stunning visual elegance.

DAD: not having to be terminally ill to live in the moment and be your divine child!

DANCES WITH WOLVES: about the mistreatment of a most sensitive people, the Native Americans, by early white settlers and calvary, and one man’s hero’s journey and mythic quest in the early West to make sense of the cultural madness. (Unfortunately it is violent.)

DARK CRYSTAL: The resolution of duality, male and female resolution of polarities.

DATE WITH AN ANGEL: an adorable film about an angel who falls to earth through an accident and her learning about love and the human condition.

DA VINCI CODE…a film examining the suppression of the divine feminine through the centuries. Much symbolic content that’s exciting to track. An unfortunate focus on the violence in the film.

DEAD POET’S SOCIETY: a story of the tragic consequences of listening to external authorities and not following your own inner directives and dreams.

DEAD ZONE: Probable realities and critical choice points, altering future probabilities by acting in the present.

DEFENDING YOUR LIFE: a very funny movie about judgment after death, karma, taking responsibility for your actions during your life.

*DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YAYA SISTERHOOD…this movie tracks a strong, self empowered female priestess in remembrance, leading a circle of sisters through her powerful expression beginning at the age of 9 or so. Sad, funny, engaging. Really worth seeing!

DOCTOR: same theme as “Regarding Henry”, only with a doctor rather than a lawyer. He learns through his own suffering how to become compassionate and empathetic to the human condition.

***DOLPHIN TALES: An off the charts “feel good” movie about inter-species compassion, communication and a demonstration of what it looks like when we find what “lights us up” in life, and the miracles that flow from finding that place of passion for something. (Based on a true story.)

THE DOORS: an up dated Dionysian myth about the initiation of a magician/high priest in the form of a rock musician who did not know how to ground the potent archetypal energies that flowed through him and had no mythic peers to truly understand who he was, so living out the end of the Dionysian myth in a self destructive tragedy.

DRAGONFLY…a story that speaks to communication between dimensions wherein a dead wife is trying to communicate with her husband and the tracking of that quest.

DREAM KEEPER: is the adventure of a native American elder story teller who wants to get to Sundance and also to bring his grandson back into the native sacred ways. As they travel, he tells stories that are dramatized while similar things happen to them on their adventure.

THE DREAM TEAM…four mental patients are taken on a field trip into NYC. Delightful and funny performances.

DREAM WITH THE FISHES…this offbeat and eccentric comedy brings together two people who would otherwise never relate to each other to heal and forgive before death.

DROP DEAD FRED: is a deliciously funny movie about the inter-active nature of different dimensions of imagination and real, in this case with a girl and her imaginary playmate Fred. It is about parenting your inner child to face its fears and to claim its power.

DUNE: (The books are much better than the movie) about alternate realities, secret mystery orders and lineages, love, power and greed. (Unfortunately the movie focused on violence rather than mythic content as the books are.)

EMBRACED BY THE SERPENT: A stunningly evocative, black and white, beautiful and disturbing film about cosmic consciousness, perceptual reality, all times present/radial time, and the destruction of indigenous culture in the Amazon by Christianity and western greed and thus the sad loss of great cosmic wisdom. (a couple of disturbingly horrifying but historically accurate scenes about cannibalism)

EMERALD FOREST: a beautiful movie about innocence, living in harmony with nature, journeying out of the body, counterpointing vastly different cultural perceptual realities.

E.T.: about compassion, inter-stellar acceptance, understanding and friendship.

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS.. a myth showing what happens when people act out of fear of differences, projecting judgment and separation. Honoring each beings’ uniqueness and seeing the beauty of a being’s essence rather than their form.

ELEPHANT MAN: Learning to accept differences and perceive the beauty of each beings spiritual essence.

ERAGON: A fluffy dragon-rider myth without too much content, but beautiful life like dragons.

EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK…a delightfully funny movie by woody allen about this subject.

EVERYTHING AND NOTHING: a brilliant documentary film with Jim Al-Kalili about quantum physics and the brilliant, querky scientists who persevered through prejudice and ignorance to pursue their truth. Also Order and Chaos by the same man is an excellent take on this subject!

EXCALIBUR; (very violent..prepare to cover your eyes a lot) a movie resolving duality through balancing of male and female powers. Great myth. Horrible violence.

****FAIRY TALE: A TRUE STORY…the journey of two young English girls in the early 1900’s who photograph fairies and their attempt to authenticate this discovery with the cynical 3d world.

FAME…the story of the struggles and aspirations of talented young beings at the NY school of performing arts.

FERNANELLI…about the life of a Castrado opera singer with visually stunning cinematography

FERNGULLY…this is a very moving animated piece about the destruction of the rain forest.

***FIELD OF DREAMS: about how dimensions are interactive, learning to clue track pieces in your larger mythic puzzle and live your life mythically. ( Still one of my most treasured movies.)

FINDING FORRESTER…the mentoring of a young, underprivileged writer by a famous and successful writer and the healing that arises through that relationship

**FINDING NEVERLAND…a story with Johnny Depp playing Peter Pan. A very touching look at this myth in a modern vernacular.

*THE FISHER KING: a brilliant modern interpretation of the quest for the Grail myth that includes mythic soul healing and a focus on how our destinies are mythically interwoven.

FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN: One of the best films on karma, or kama loca (seeing how others saw the hologram of your life through their eyes) that I’ve yet seen. Presents a great case for offering forgiveness to anyone you feel you have hurt or judged, while you are still alive!

FLATLINERS: about the bardos directly after death, karma, cosmic justice, and responsibility for all your actions.

FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR: about believing in magic and the truth that a child speaks in believing all possibilities. (Look closely for great Mayan symbols on the top of the space ship.)

FORREST GUMP…a remarkable story of a mother’s profound love for her seemingly retarded son, and his victory in life due to this unending love

***THE FOUNTAIN…while Mel Gibson’s movie APOCALYPSE totally distorted the Mayan view of the times we’re moving into, in contra distinction, this low budget film brilliantly points to our now walking on the Road of Awe ~ Xibalbabih ~ at this time in human history. An in depth look at multiple lives, dimensionality and “death”.

FOUR SEASONS: this is a funny film about the evolving relationships of four couples who go together on vacation once a season.

FREQUENCY…this is about being able to crossover dimensionally and a son being able to talk to his father via a radio. Sounds hokey, but isn’t.

FRIDA..a film about the great Mexican painter, Frida Cahlo, and her belief in her work. An exploration of standing in one’s personal power through creative expression.

*FRIED GREEN TOMATOES…the story of a friendship between two women, one in an old folks’ home. A very touching look into the depth of their short relationship.

**THE GATHERING…this astounding documentary takes us on a heart journey with the Aboriginal whale dreamers in their fight to regain their sacred lands from which to call the whales.

GANDHI: the story of Mahatma Gandhi and fulfilling one’s destiny in life and living life mythically.

*GHOST: an excellent humorous film about dimensionality and the astral plane. Also about how love is the common thread linking all dimensions.

GHOST BUSTERS: a fun, silly movie about the astral plane.

THE GODDESS REMEMBERED; Goddess worship in ancient times.

THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY: a silly film about how one Coke bottle became a symbol that altered a whole tribe’s experience of life. Shows the preciousness and purity of the Aboriginal way of life. (the sequel not recommended)

GOLDEN CHILD: a humorous movie about the standard good/evil myth using a young Tibetan master avatar. The footage of the master/child’s eyes is worth the whole movie.

THE GOLDEN SEAL: a human’s love for a non-human companion and the gifts shared between them. Magic and respect for all life.

**GOOD WILL HUNTING…the story of a genius, who, due to his childhood wounding, finds himself being a janitor at a prestigious university. This is about healing this wounding so he can step fully into his genius. A consummate look at what it is to be a masterful counselor.

GRAND CANYON: an exploration of the moral aspects of film making and violence; entropy and chaos as it manifests in social systems that are breaking down when they are disconnected from nature and source of their divinity. Looking at miracles, synchronicity, destiny and how dreams interface with this reality.

GREYSTOKE, TARZAN; a story of how deeply imprinted we are by the reality into which we are born, love, living in primal innocence versus arid cultural civility.

**GROUNDHOG DAY…a self centered TV weatherman who has to keep repeating a day until he finally gets it right. Could be looked at as how parallel realities work.

***HACHI: An absolutely inspiring film about a dog, whose loyalty is heart-warming and a moving model for how unconditional love operates.

HAMLET: human motivation, self-empowerment. Asks questions of what is sanity/insanity and breaking away from the regular cultural definitions of Self. ( “Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead” is a look at the same myth from two minor characters point of view. Brilliant counterpoint to this)

**HAPPENSTANCE…a very inspiring look at how each action we take has profound consequences.

HAPPY: This documentary movie is about what makes us happy. It is a very good look as well at all the things that promise happiness, that don’t deliver it! Worth watching.

HAROLD AND MAUDE: about living mythically and fully present. CARPE DIEM!! A delight.

HARRY AND TONTO: a story of growing old and a man’s love and relationship with his cat.

**HERO…cinemagraphically one of the most lush films I’ve ever witnessed. Scenes were done in the four elemental colors (green, red, blue, white). See this on the biggest screen possible. Very impactful.

HIDDEN FIGURES: With the early US astronaut/space program as a backdrop, we are shown the lives of three very brilliant African American women and what was required for them to move past the walls of ignorance and enculturated prejudice, to be able to shine the gems of their unique and extraordinary intelligence.

HOOK: brilliantly incisive and clear myth about spiritual forgetting and remembrance and the reclamation of the Divine Child within each one of us.

HOUSE OF CARDS…a strange drama about a young girl who retreats into her mind after witnessing her father fall to his death.

HOUSE OF “D”.. a beautiful little story about a thirteen year old boy’s rite of passage becoming a man looking thru the lens of loss and how our journey’s unfold in perfection as we follow ours gifts and the soul threads that are presented in our lives.

HUGO a very imaginative look at the courage of a little boy to fulfill his quest in life. Imagination, persistence, and following the clue trail the Universe leaves for us to do the same in life is laid out.

I ♥ HUCKABEE’S…an environmental activist to investigate some odd occurrences in his life. A look at examining ones life with consciousness.

**I AM . We have reached the edge of a new paradigm of simplicity, cooperation, self- responsibility and a new definition of “wealth” that is about community, loving kindness, knowing when enough is enough, without the hoarding or consumerism that has driven a whole culture to the edge of ecocide.

I AM SAM…a very touching story about a retarded man who raises his daughter and the struggles they have with the legal system.

THE IMITATION GAME: A film ostensibly about code breaking in world war II, however one line in it described for me, what it was really about.. “How can you believe anything anyone says, when no one is actually saying what they really mean?” A film questioning the use of language to communicate.

**IMMORTAL BELOVED…this is an amazing story of how a creative artist is inspired by a woman’s love. A story of unrequited love. A deep look into a creative genius’ (Beethoven’s) mind.

INTO THE WEST…this Celtic story details our mythic longing for “home”. Many touching moments in this film, not to speak of absolutely amazing horse footage.

JOE VS THE VOLCANO: a young man’s rather shallow but nonetheless mythic quest to discover meaning in his otherwise dreary and meaningless life.

*JONATHAN LIVINGSTONE SEAGULL: a movie about being uniquely yourself and following your own visions and dreams.

KARATE KID: eastern philosophy, discipline, tenacity, right use of power, and the power of focused attention.

KING OF HEARTS: a film looking at the issue of who is more insane: those that have been put in an institution or the actions of a culture that is deemed and agreed upon as sane.

KING OF MASKS…Chinese subtitled film is a deeply moving look at the prejudice toward females in China as seen through the eyes of a performer in passing on his gifts to a protégé.

THE KINGS SPEECH A brilliant film about the transmutation of childhood wounding through holding space in unconditional LOVE for someone.

K-PAX…a very enigmatic movie examining the issue of what is real through the eyes of someone claiming to be an alien.

KRULL; great sets, mediocre acting, thin plot, but a spider woman scene that redeems the rest!

*LADYHAWKE: a shape shifting myth about duality and the power of love.

L.A. STORY: a talking cosmic freeway sign in LA bespeaks the absolutely insane lifestyle of LA that residents there call “life” and following the appropriate “signs” in life for magical guidance.

THE LAST MIMZY: A thin plot line, with fantastic sacred geometry special effects!

THE LAST STARFIGHTER: a myth about entrance into different realities and time lines, a belief in magic and limitless possibilities.

THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST: a portrayal of Christ in all his humanness.

THE LAST WAVE: A stunningly surrealistic aboriginal film about entrance into alternate realities.

LEAP OF FAITH…Steve Martin as a dancing preacher. A bit sentimental, but funny +great gospel.

*LEGEND: how polarities interact to create spiritual evolution and the power of love taking you on the hero’s journey. (One of my all time favorite myths watch carefully in the last scene!)

LIFE AS A HOUSE…a dying father’s journey to reconcile with his teenage son before he dies. Kevin Klein give a great performance as the father.

LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE: A humorous but accurate portrayal of the nature of alchemy, held in a romantic plot line of unrequited love and the alchemy of food.

**THE LEGEND OF 1900.. This is a brilliant film that gets into the mind state of a pianist who lives his entire life on a cruise ship. His understanding of finite and infinite reality is very revelatory.

LITTLE BIG MAN: about the sacredness of life to a Native American elder (quite violent)

LITTLE BUDDHA…the story of Prince Siddhartha in his transformation into the Buddha

THE LITTLE PRINCE: a story about love, friendship, values and alternate realities.

THE LITTLE PRINCESS...this magical, visually intriguing drama is about a girl from India uprooted and put into an inner city school in NY. Focuses on her inner life and imagination.

THE PROPHET.. A animated movie showcasing some of Kahil Gibran’s poetry from his book by that title. A sweet look at that which never dies.. that which is eternal, love.

LOVE AND DEATH:.. Woody Allen’s philosophical and funny exegesis on love and death.

MAC AND ME: compassion toward those different than ourselves, in this case, ET’s..

MADE IN HEAVEN: a delightful film about remembering and forgetting commitments made before this life. Simple romantic plot, but the metaphor holds for larger than romantic commitments!

THE MAGUS: about magicianship

THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH; a surrealistic film about the strange adventures of an alien who fell to Earth.

THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL: A sweet movie that takes place in India whose theme is breaking cultural patterns and prejudices, believing in oneself and ones dreams and supporting each other’s lives.

***MAN ON THE MOON. This is an extraordinary film from the point of view of looking at how we each have different “personas” that live in our inner pantheon. Jim Carrie offers a very vulnerable performance of several of his inner persona’s with very poignant results.

MARCH OF THE PENGUINS…a touching nature documentary about the pilgrimage of penguins to give birth each year.

MASK; the same theme as “Elephant Man”.

MEDICINE MAN…a look at the importance of preserving the rain forest for the gifts they offer us in healing. A little hokey, but interesting

MEET JOE BLACK…Death incarnate is collecting another mortal whose time on earth has come to an end. Wanting to understand the human condition more, he takes on a mortal life with ? results.

*MEETINGS WITH REMARKABLE MEN: about the life of the famous Russian mystic Gurdjeff and being on the Hero’s journey in life.. clue tracking. Very slow, but valuable (hard to find)

MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS: A rather dark and macabre comedy about remote viewing and using psychics as spies, but some interesting concepts are looked at in this film.

MERLIN AND THE SWORD..Excalibur myth about a woman falling through dimensional realities and finding herself transported back in time.. mythic truth represented: Love releasing all bonds.

MICHAEL…A lighthearted, fun film about a smoking, atypical angel.

MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM…An adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic comedy. Delightful entourage of fairies, satyrs and other mythical creatures. A playful look at love.

MILLENNIUM: time travel and past future orientation.

MINDWALK: is “My Dinner with Andre” of the new physics. Brilliant, slow moving, packed with insight about systems theory and how we are all one as viewed from the lensing of a politician, a physicist and a poet. Riveting acting performances from Liv Ulmann San Waterton and John Hurd.

THE MIRACLE WORKER…the story of Helen Keller. A very inspired look at how someone overcomes the extreme obstacle of deaf and blindness.

MISSION.. a disturbing movie about regret and forgiveness, the hypocracy of religious moral values, and the misuse of power in the expediency of religious systems.. (unfortunately very violent)

MISTS OF AVALON…a cheesy TV adaptation that does begin to touch on the storyline of Avalon.

MONSOON WEDDING…a colorful look at the days leading up to an Indian wedding. Very touching human drama.

MOULIN ROUGE (2004)…a visually stunning look at Paris in the 1900’s about theater people.

MR. DESTINY: a light hearted movie about critical choice points and alternate destinies from choices.

MR. MAGORIUM’S WONDER EMPORIUM: A sweet, if not over simplified and somewhat cloying, story about believing in oneself. (However, Dustin Hoffman’s performance is worth seeing it.)

MY DINNER WITH ANDRE: highly intellectual exegesis on myth, magic, power and presence. Be prepared for NO action, slow movie from which brilliant insights emerge.

MY LEFT FOOT: a poignant and touching look at the courage and will required for a severely handicapped being to surmount incredible odds to become a great scholar. (Can be a downer.)

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE…an extremely funny look at a high school “geek” stumbling thru his teenage life mostly unaware. Some hysterical moments!

NELL…the story of a young woman who raises herself when her mother dies in the backwoods of North Carolina. A gripping and emotionally rewarding film about someone’s interior life.

NEVER CRY WOLF: an excellent documentary about a man’s vision quest in the wild with wolves. Exquisite footage of wolves in the wild!

*THE NEVER ENDING STORY: one of the most clear representations of the gates of mythic reality and the interactive nature of different dimensional realities available on film and belief in ones self and ones dreams. (sequel is not recommended shallow)

OH GOD…this film with George Burns is an ageless story of the complications that result from someone’s interface with a human version of God.

OUT ON A LIMB; about following clues in unraveling your mythic quest in life, (Shirley McClain.)on YouTube Part #2 is more revelatory than part one which is mainly about relationship.

PATCH ADAMS…a very uplifting, factual story about a doctor using humor to heal people.

** PAY IT FORWARD…this incredible performance shows the exponential possibility for change demonstrated by a 7th grader. Based a true story.

**PEACEFUL WARRIOR: This truly inspired account of a young athlete’s spiritual awakening (and a beautiful model of the illuminated blessing of an authentic teacher student relationship) is based on the true account from the Dan Millman book “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”. The dream sequences and gems of spiritual insight were not forced, hokey or new agey. It was a masterfully filmed and portrayed experience of spiritual awakening! Highly Recommended!

PHENOMENON…this story is how a being that has a transcendent experience with the light returns with an insatiable appetite to know.

PHILOMENA: A well crafted story about the distortion and misuse of power. It focuses on a young unwed mother who was forced to give up her child from a Catholic nunnery and her journey to find the child. A very moving story!

PETER PAN: a myth about forgetting your Divine Child and making the mistake of “growing up”, and accepting cultural norms instead of following your heart!

PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK.. an historical, unsolved mystery that took place in Australia that involves the mysterious disappearance of several young girls, possibly into another dimension.. very engaging historical mystery.

**POWDER…a story about an enigmatic, white skinned albino child with extreme psychic abilities and sensitivities and how his gifts are treated by the 3D world. (in a broader metaphor, though many of us may not have looked as strange as Powder growing up, we felt that strange.)

THE PRINCESS BRIDE: a witty, funny repartee/dialogue about the standard good/evil myth.

QUEEN OF THE SUN: An amazing documentary about bees and why they are so under threat right now on Earth.

QUEEN OF KATWE: An uplifting film about finding your genius and believing in it. It is about a man who chooses to make a profound difference in African children’s lives through loving and supporting them through the medium of athletics and chess, rather than taking the alluring pay of an engineering job.

RABBIT PROOF FENCE…a very moving performance about an aboriginal girl escaping a government school and her journey to return to her roots in the Australian the outback.

RADIO FLYER…a movie about the natural sensitivity, wisdom and ally-ship of children. About animal totems and guardians energies. The seven great truths we forget from childhood are explored, the most important of which is that we can fly which is the central theme. Awesome acting from the two child protagonists. (There are also several difficult scenes about child and animal abuse.)

RAIN MAN…the unraveling of how a being who sustained great childhood wounding relates to the world as an “idiot savant”.

***THE RED VIOLIN…this holographic tale is a subtly masked drama demonstrating how past lives still effect our present ego expression. It is the life story of a famous violin.

REGARDING HENRY: a story of destiny stepping in to totally change someone’s life path. Difficult lessons teaching one to follow the path of the heart.

RENT…an amazing rock musical about life in bohemian east village NY, but unlike most musicals, has a satisfying plot line.

RESURRECTION: a close up view of the gift and difficulties presented by one woman’s paranormal ability to heal others.

RIDING ALONE FOR THOUSANDS OF MILES…this Chinese subtitled movie is well worth seeing as a journey of forgiveness between father and son.

RING OF BRIGHT WATER…a family story about a pet otter. Beautiful filming.

***ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD…this is a surrealistic look at Hamlet through the eyes of two minor characters who represent the right and the left brain’s approach to life. The fool, or right brain, goes through life discovering the principles of physics “by accident”. While the left brain, thinking mind, dismisses them as unimportant. Watch for the word “tennis match”, it’s my favorite part and this is my favorite movie!

RUN LOLA RUN…like GROUNDHOG’S DAY, this keeps running a particular day over and over showing how changing one choice creates a totally different outcome.

SAVING MR. BANKS . This film is ostensibly about the back story of how the movie Mary Poppins came into being, but what it is brilliant at demonstrating is how our childhood wounding can be healed with awareness, compassion and mutual vulnerability.

SCROOGED: a film about how a boy became an uncompassionate, cold, unfeeling adult, and how he finally found compassion and feeling for others through living life lovingly every day, not just at Christmas. (Best fairy telling the truth award!)

SEABISCUIT…this unforgettable film shows hope for anyone wishing to have a second chance.

SEARCH FOR SIGNS OF INTELLIGENT LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE…Lily Tomlin’s brilliant and witty look at alien life forms.

SECONDHAND LIONS…this very funny film is about two old, cranky men in the backwoods. It is about not judging a book by it’s cover and the value of real love.

SIMON BIRCH; A poignant look at being “different” and having faith that that difference serves your soul purpose, no matter the appearance. Very touching about the nature of true friendship as well!

ST RALPH; A sweet story about a 13 year old boy who wants a miracle for his mother who is in a coma, and because someone tells him it would take a miracle for him to win the Boston Marathon, he trains for it because he so believes he will win to create that miracle.

THE BUDDHA : a clear look at the life of the Buddha and what he went through to finally perceive reality as it is.. in an evocative style of pastiche with interviews, paintings and sculptures, animation..

THE FALL: An amazingly visually inspiring movie, miraculously catching and segueing the fantasy and “real life” of two hospital patients, 4 year old and a gentleman artist. Touching, brilliant acting.

THE LIFE OF PI A lush sweep of imaginative beauty where one has difficulty determining which reality is real. It is magnificent footage of ocean and tiger and man. Extraordinary.

THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY: A deeply moving film about an Indian genius mathematician Ramadan who ,in his purity and innocence, received his mathematical formula’s directly from the Divine. It is a tale of epic poignancy and beauty. Don’t miss it!

THE SHIFT: Wayne Dyer looks at the major shift that happens when one moves (or is catapulted by life) from ego/mind to functioning from Essence in compassionate service to others.

THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN. A slow moving little movie about the symbiosis of human’s and trees. (You might also want to see Eddie Murphy’s “1000 WORDS” movie.. which I synchonistically saw together on the same night; both were about the same theme from different points of view!)

THE SCENT OF GREEN PAPAYA’S: A film set in Vietnam in the 1950’s.. rich in every aspect of the senses, the sound track is incredible. It is filmed from the point of view of a very sensitive 10 year old girl, who is innocently awake to the beauty in everything, counterpointed by a cruel young boy..drawing the distinction between those who see the world through enculturated rather than innocent eyes.

THE SECRET…a slickly packaged and marketed version of how we create our own reality, unfortunately only focusing on material manifestation rather than spiritual values.

THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES: An amazingly sensitive film about our apparent differences being reconciled in our humanness.. Also the story of the search for spiritual meaning in life.. in this case following the clues to find the Goddess in Mary Magdelane.

THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS: the consciousness and intelligence of plants.

WHAT PLANTS TALK ABOUT: We don’t usually think of plants as being about to communicate as this ground breaking scientific research shows, they most certainly do have “consciousness” and adapt to communications that they share. Fascinating!

THE SECRET OF NIMH.. a movie about mythic loyalty and the heroines quest, morality of experimentation with and on animals, respect for all life. Excellent animation.

*THE SECRET GARDEN: is about creating a secret world of your own in childhood. Beautiful photography!

THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH…about a local legend of Selkies, a Celtic legend about beings who are half human and half seal. A rich cinematic exploration of that theme.

THE SHIFT: At a certain point in the spiritual journey, there is a shift from lensing reality solely from the ego/mind to a primary lens of surrender to the Divine Self.  I recommend this film as a way to understand how the spiritual journey unfolds as we move through this seminal shift in awareness.

SEVEN POUNDS: An incredible look at someone dealing with karma from this life time, in this lifetime , rather than waiting until the next. Some disturbing elements, not good for children.

SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET…study of personal growth with a mountaineer who is allowed to befriend the young Dalai Lama and what happens during the Communist regime.

THE SEVENTH SEAL: how the hope of one person can make all the difference when they decide to act mythically on behalf of the good of the whole.

SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE…a look at the Romeo & Juliet theme of unrequited love.

*SHINE…this galvanizing performance of a deeply troubled Australian piano protégé details his rise and fall with fame and his eventual redemption in love.

SHIRLEY VALENTINE: a very funny film about critical choice points and how we are always at choice no matter how stuck, routine, or boring life may seem to have become.

*SIDDHARTHA:..the story of one man’s mythic quest to discover the meaning of his spiritual life. very slow, more like a painting than a movie.

SILENT RUNNING:.. a movie about artificial earth environments in space due to the destruction of the Earth about taking responsibility and destiny into one’s own hands.

SLAM…about the poet Saul Williams in his life as a street rapper. Cameo’s of his brilliance as a poet.

SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS…this Japanese film focuses on the trial of a Japanese American for murder. It has some of the most beautiful footage of the budding love between two young people.

SNOWCAKES: An interesting look at an autistic adult, whose unusual perspective brings to light how strangely we are socialized to behave as “normal” folks.

SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE…a performance by Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton that so hilariously points out the differences in values of older love affairs and young and old affairs.. A very engaging clash between these archetypes of young and old.

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES: merging realities, facing fears, issues concerning father/son relationships, what is real and what isn’t the power we give illusions.

SPIRITED AWAY…Japanese anime filmmaker looks at fear and gluttony and how the choices we make effect our reality. (Some disturbing and grotesque imagery. )

SPLASH: ..a mermaid myth and her perceptions of our strange Western cultural reality.

**SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER, SPRING…it has been a long time since the sheer beauty of a movie has brought me to tears. A deeply spiritual film that looks at loneliness and accountability. The lessons learned are both simple and enigmatic.

STARMAN: a story about a delightful alien being who tries to “grok” the weird culture in which we live. From this fresh perspective we see how distorted Westerns values are.

STAR TREK 1,2,3,4,5 duality and some fairly accurate aspects of mythic reality. (#6 not recommended)

STEPPENWOLF: one alienated man’s search for meaning presents alternative realities in the magic theater of the Self. (Herman Hesse)

STRANGER THAN FICTION…this movie looks at the interface between an author’s mind and what s/he is writing and characters in 3D reality. Though this is totally fictional, it does bring up the point of accountability concerning what writers write.

SUKHAVATI with Joseph Campbell narrating. Speaking of the Divine Feminine and how it has been venerated over time. A good documentary.

TEMPLE GRANDIN: A touching film about the triumph of an autistic girl and her Mother who loved her beyond all reason, into wholeness and functionality in the world.

4THE SWORD OF THE VALIANT.. a myth about the Celtic Lord of the Greenwood. Hookey.. but a good myth.

THIRTY TWO SHORT FILMS ABOUT GLEN GOULD…an innovative portrayal of the eccentric and controversial Canadian pianist. About the difficulty of the life of gifted artists.

THUNDERHEART.. a movie about the clash between white and native cultures, counterpointing the difference between cultural perceptions and reality.

THE ULTIMATE GIFT: This is a film about a spoiled young man’s reception of a grandfather’s inhertitance that became an initiation into manhood, compassion and responsibility.

VANILLA SKY…this surrealistic look at the possibility of parallel realities has a lot of spiritual lessons about looking at what is real.

VISIONS: Taken from the life of mystic Hildegard von Bingen. Unfortunately a political/religious focus rather than on her visions, her genius as an architecht, herbalist, healer etc. but worthwhile.

WAKING LIFE…this freeform animation film is a documentary about lucid dreaming

WALKABOUT: an excellent film about an Aboriginal rite of passage and the disastrous results when a white girl, as a representative of the white world, misunderstands this cultural rite.

WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR; A great film about following what one is attracted to and passionate about to unfold one’s spiritual destiny.

WELCOME TO THE MONKEYHOUSE…Kurt Vonnegut film. A funny and surrealistic look at someone living in two simultaneous lifetimes.

**WHALERIDER…this amazingly touching film is about a young woman’s right of passage in standing in her power as a Maori whalerider. It has one of the most authentic acting performances by a child I’ve ever witnessed. I felt she WAS this character. She was such a model of not being able to be stopped by all the male traditions that barred her from being a whalerider.

WHERE THE GREEN ANTS DREAM…this film set in Australia, details the ecological struggle between progress and tradition concerning uranium mining interests and Aboriginal practices

WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS…a story about a boy coming of age in Oklahoma in the 1930’s. This is a beautiful story about a boy’s love for his dogs.

WILLOW: a hero’s journey to save the magical child, mythic loyalty and learning the lessons of gentleness and compassion, integration of female nurturing for male warriors. (Ariel gives this the most beautiful angel award!)

WINDWALKER: a rich myth about a father’s love for his children and his quest to get them back after than have been stolen by another tribe.

WINGED MIGRATION…a captivating documentary about what it takes for birds to migrate. This brilliant film took nearly 4 years to complete the footage.

WINNIE THE POOH; about the Zen master, Pooh Bear, and his simple/wise philosophy of life.

WIZARD OF OZ: a movie that demonstrates great aspects of a mythic quest.

**WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW…This brilliant documentary film looks at how we create reality quantumly.

WRINKLE IN TIME…this is a children’s story about quantum reality. Very engaging

WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE (could be looked at as very depressing) a movie about entering into the world of an alcoholic woman and her childlike nature and perceptions.

YES MAN: a hilariously funny take on saying “Yes” to everything and the consequences of that choice. As an aside, it is a clever satire on the New Age.. (Jim Carrie)

YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES..great Egyptian sets, mediocre plot and a good mythic quest.