Sacred Theatre

And what if….

The Conscious Dreamers, the playful divine child magicians, began to bring their magic together to weave a New Dream into collectively transforming human consciousness??

Shall we?

This is the true nature of sacred theater. In is not a passive performance such as we have become programmed to accept. Rather it is engaging andactive, as in Greek theater where the audience responded with chant and song within the play…and more importantly to deepen together in soul communion and shared expansion of consciousness after the sacred theater offering was finished. When we have been so deeply moved by a sacred offering such as this, we don’t want just to return home, but to stay and celebrate together our quickening in consciousness.

In Greek culture sacred theater was called Therapia because it was considered to be a form of conscious evolution for the soul. It was a sacred medium in which to gather to honor our growing seeds of consciousness. It was a sanctified forum in which to heal, to celebrate, to go to the highest possible denominator together. It explored the mythic, archetypal dimensions of being, that actually set and guided the field for our egos to play out the mythic scripting of our soul’s evolution. It opened the field to more mythic expressions of the masks of Self, than our ego’s may have been previously aware.

Such is the nature of the modern day equivalent of this ancient, timeless form of sacred theater such as occurred historically in Aesclepios, which we now wish to once again offer.

If you are interested in assisting in funding such a sacred theater event, we have the archetypal actors gathered, the enthusiasm and the creative work completed for us to begin the creation of this manifestation NOW!

Please, if your soul says, “YES this is my sacred contract of contribution to the One Heart!”, join us to create this mythic exploration of the archetypal masks of Self together!

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