Return to Innocence (Video Series)

This video series demonstrates how to create spontaneous, improvisational sacred theater, just by choosing a beautiful location and a mythic theme, asking beings to come dressed mythically, with some kind of ceremonial offering whether that is a poem, dance, song etc.. Then you only need to have a loose idea of the flow (content and how it most gracefully moves), and trust in the organic unfoldment of magic. A sacred landscape often indicates where certain pieces or offerings feel most resonantly offered. So much magic ensues just from this simple sacred theater format. But you’ll have to take the leap and create a sacred theater offering, to experience directly what is meant by the simple words “magic ensues”!

  • Return of Innocence (1 of 3)

  • Return of Innocence (2 of 3)

  • Return of Innocence (3 of 3)