Cosmic Cheerleader – Faerie Godmother Mentorship


Perhaps your life has lost its luster, bubbles its delightful sparkle. Your enthusiasm may have become flat root beer, and your creativity paints may have dried up. You want juiciness, aliveness, and vibrancy to infuse your life again!

If your inspirational down line seems clogged or you want to hot wire your creative Muse, you may wish to call on me as a Cosmic Cheerleader-Faerie Godmother!

The Cosmic Cheerleader Mentorship is for a being who wants honest, clear, accurate reflection about his or her life, but definitely knows it will be served with a scoop of creative inspiration, coyote humor and light heartedness.  This mentorship is to support you in being the playful Divine Child that you are in your innate being and also to feel the fullness of who your soul came to Earth to be mythically embodied as. Perhaps you have a creative project that you wish to be encouraged, inspired, fluffed up and blessed by the alchemical wand of a Faerie Godmother.

In this process, it is my delight to challenge your growth edges, assist you in coming into expanded awareness and insights, and truly open up the treasure chest of your endless creative possibilities.

Quite simply as a Cosmic Cheerleader I will be joyfully assisting you in cleaning up your shadow residudu and having fun doing it (by seeing through its illusion) and stepping more fully into your delight as a creative expression of Divine light.  Quintessentially, in this mentorship, I am here to be the updraft of wind beneath your wings, as you first find yourself aloft and then flying ecstatically free.


3-moon virtual journey

1 Archetypal Exploration Call to begin our work

2 phone calls per moon (each call 1 to 1.5 hours)

Personalized Notes offered, when appropriate after sessions

Energetic Exchange: Please contact Ariel for details

Start Time:  To be arranged


  1. Mermaid Vyana (store manager)

    Magical, marvelous, and “maona” a Hawaiian word for “beyond your wildest imagination.” Ariel (also known as Fefe Fluffinwish) makes “bibbity bobbity boo” look like child’s play! She has escorted high magic into my life and turned me from an unhappy lawyer into an ecstatic mermaid — seriously! My life has become so magical that the entire universe is now conspiring to surprise and delight me — and Fifi has shown me how I too can surprise and delight the universe. Fulfillment is an understatement when it comes to what’s possible when Fefe is on my shoulder whispering her Divine inspirations. Her deep love for all beings, unconditionally, astounds me daily — and I rest in it in between adventures that would not have been possible before. May everyone have such a gift — the gift of a magical fairy godmother beyond measure!

  2. ensmrztzaf

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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