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Looking for a mythic honey dredger? Feel the satisfaction of soul rain on thirsty ground.

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Looking for a mythic honey dredger? Feel the satisfaction of soul rain on thirsty ground.

The Living Oracle sessions are the written scribings of the Goddess flowing through Ariel. On occasions where you wish to tap the holographic main-vein, for guidance, inspiration, clarity, illumination, the honey dredger Ariel, taps the Goddess’ honey stash, allowing to pour through, what is illuminatingly pertinent to your journey at present. Often this comes as holographic, stream of consciousness poetry to mark special occasions. It can be done for yourself or a loved one. This level of alignment requires immense stillness and time to gestate.

$333 per scribing, you will receive the written transcript of the Goddess.

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  1. Rhonda (store manager)

    I cannot thank the Divine enough for Ariel’s gift of being an oracle. I know i can do readings for myself and do, but sometimes it is wonderful to have a ‘seasoned’ shadow walker, a Mayan spirit, a Faeire Godmother, listening for a message especially for me! If you are wondering whether a Living Oracle is for you, if you are wanting confirmation, witnessing and communion with another who, like yourself, is in alignment with the Divine, this is the perfect experience for you.

    My oracle was done in 2018. I read it put it aside thinking “That’s a lot to take in.” Months later Ariel reached out to connect about my experience of the Living Oracle. After re-reading it before responding, the light bulb went on and I was astonished at all it had to say about my present experience! All in all I am not surprised by the depth and accuracy of her Living Oracle. I would not hesitate to recommend the experience or invest in another oracle when the time is ripe again!

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