Wedding Officiant and Magical Wedding Creations

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Do you want to have a wedding that will be so totally memorable as to stand out in the participant’s minds as the most unique wedding/commitment ceremony they have ever attended?

If you want to have a wedding/commitment ceremony, and want it to be different than the usual fare, let Ariel help you create a ceremony that is uniquely your own! She has designed a variety of weddings, including Native American, earth oriented ceremonies, galactic union ceremonies, mythic Camelot/Avalon ceremonies, sword and chalice ceremonies, fairy ring ceremonies, archetypal star lineage re-unions, Alice in Wonderland tea-party ceremonies, Mayan temple ceremonies, Celtic hand-fasting, Egyptian pledging, a Pirates Fantasy Island adventure, a ceremony in a circus or gypsy tent, and an underground Kiva or cave ceremony. As wild a ceremony as you can imagine, Ariel and her staff can create. Add to this the possibility of even an outrageously beautiful, culturally normative wedding and you can begin to see the range on the palette of possibilities that is being offered.

Ariel is the Minister and Founder of The Sanctuary of the Open Heart and author of The 13 Moon Oracle. She has been conducting rites of passage and ceremonies including namings, birthdays, death rites, croning ceremonies and weddings for over thirty years. It is her desire to create unusual and imaginative ceremonies and weddings for those who wish to create the memory of a lifetime, by sharing a unique vision of themselves with their families, friends and loved ones.

Please contact her to discuss how you can manifest the wedding of your dreams!


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