Wise Wo/Man, Crone-At-The-Crossroads Mentorship


What is it to be a Wise Wo/man?

In this focus we will joyfully investigate what this archetype is beyond age or gender and how you can embody it with the panache of your own unique expression.  This mentorship is about coming completely “out of the closet” in both discovering and expressing your most unusual and unique abilities, gifts and talents.

Crone-at-the-Crossroads … From another angle of the hologram, you may feel like you are stuck and moving in molasses, unable to decide in which direction to go. Perhaps you can see or feel a direction that is just out of reach but you don’t know what it is. Something is tantalizing you and mythically calling you forth, but you cannot seem to grasp what is trying to reveal itself.

Or if you find yourself at a critical crossroads in your life and want support to move through this initiatory gateway with consciousness, you perhaps could use the services of a Crone-at-the-Crossroads as a clear reflection and no nonsense truth teller and  “butt kicker” across the initiatory threshold!

The Wise Wo/man Mentorship is most appropriate and potent for a being who already gets the cosmic joke, is spiritually awake, emotionally mature, intuitive, creative, metaphorical and artistic in orientation. From that description, you can deduce that it is not my role to advise, predict or pass on intellectual information.  I am simply a transmitter of frequency serving as a clear mirror and space holder as you define what is creatively emerging in your life.  The answers come from within you. I am just an ally, archetypal catalyst and holy honey dredger!

I simply hold space for you to intuitively see what may be just beyond sight or seemingly just out of reach.  You can expect me to honestly reflect what I see/feel and often with a characteristically whacky Wise Woman sense of humor. Quintessentially, it is my intention to support you in creating your life as a mythic work of art.


6-moon virtual journey 2 phone calls each moon (each call 1 to 1.5 hours)

1 optional in-person soul sit during our work together

Personalized Notes after each call

Energy Exchange: Please contact Ariel for details

Start time: To be arranged


  1. Avril Parker (store manager)

    I have university degrees in psychology, counselling, training as a shaman, a priestess, a reverend – privileged to be trained by Elders and sacred Medicine People of more than 50 different tribes across the globe. I am a channel and medium, I have taught thousands of classes, healing and teaching others from 60 countries for more than 20 years and I choose Ariel to be my mentor, when I need help. In my experience,there are very few who possess the sacred energy strong enough to hold a solid unbiased container on the planet, who are clear enough to bring clarity, through the service of awakening unconditional love and wholeness, during our deepest inner messes. Ariel is an alchemical Weaver who helps me reweave the broken threads, when I am unable to see how to myself. I trust no other to be in presence so fully with. Each session is a rare gift for those seeking full consciousness.

  2. Leslie Glaser (store manager)

    I’ve had the tremendous good fortune to work with Ariel in a mentor-ship, specifically to help nurture a creative project of mine. Ariel is like the human equivalent of a Mother Tree in a forest. Mother Trees act like hubs for all the other trees – central resource stations where all the other trees not only connect to one another but are also nourished and supported to thrive and grow. Mother trees communicate by receiving and sending vast amounts of information through enormous underground mycorrhizal networks. Their abilities to do this mean they are a bit like way stations of wisdom; listening, receiving and passing along exactly what is needed for the health of the forest and serving as a foundational container to hold this larger network.

    Ariel serves this same function for humans. Her lifelong devotion to the practice of accessing the mundis imaginalis, the para, the place where archetypal energies reside (whatever you like to call it), means that she is a communing and communicatory hub of the wisdom that resides in that infinite matrix.

    If you are ready to travel to that place within yourself, you will find no better traveling companion than Ariel! She must have boxes and boxes full of mythic passports by now and is an EPIC explorer to have at your side. You are the driver and she is in service to your most expanded self. Whatever is accessed and uncovered is lovingly looked at and held with you by Ariel. She places an extraordinary level of care and attention on this process and her integrity is inherent in her wholeness. You will be delighted and amazed by how she receives information or just the right thing to send in your direction at the very moment you need it. You will be embraced with unconditional love and it is a true gift to be one of the trees of humanity that is nurtured and supported so lovingly by a Mother Tree who is energetically woven into the MA of all life. If you feel called to work with Ariel then jump in as joyously as she does!!

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