Reviews from Private Sessions

My personal session with Ariel was so supportive of the transition I’m making at this time. I feel like I’ve been touched by an angel – and I HAVE been! Her extraordinary kindness and warmth and HEART amplify her gifts of deep perception and insight. It’s a special Alchemical Cauldron she assists in creating in which I felt held, loved, and understood, as well as inspired and supported to live in the FULLEST EXPRESSION OF JOY and FREEDOM that I am capable of . During our meditation time I could feel tingling in my body and transmuting taking place. WOW!! There’s undeniably a frequency transmission that is incredibly healing and catalyzing. I have experienced this over the years through her written work, again in the Divine Feminine Course at Shift Network, and now through a personal session. What a Gift!

Thank you, Ariel!! Sarah Gallant

Stories from 13 Moon Trainings

“Thank you, Ariel for incarnating as our “gift” of Remembrance. Your vast abilities to bridge the dimensional realms and to return us to the One Heart in all Her names and forms has transformed my life forever! It has been an honor to share this sacred chalice with you and 12 other initiates, to drink from the wellspring of your immense wisdom. I will always treasure our time together, the gateways to the temple, the mysteries revealed. You truly are the living embodiment of Love and compassion”

~ Diana Dubrow

“Ariel Spilsbury offers a deeply moving process of individuation within the archetypal field of play thus juicing up the wattage of our inner searchlights on the quest to understand “who I am not” in the Oneness of empty presence in the Mystery– This is a rare opportunity to fully embrace essence through the kaleidoscopic lens of the Alchemy of Ecstasy 13 Moon ordination cycle. Ariel’s path creates a deeper insight into our multidimensional, holographic experience allowing us to expand into profound resonance in all facets of ‘beingness. A holistic circle of women and men transforming consciousness as we embrace a greater whole, remembering Mother and Father as One, dissolving all illusions of duality and emerging only as love in the One Heart…a powerful remembering of our forgotten wholeness.”

~ Mandaña Cilmi

“Ariel’s gift is one of laser-like clarity that pierces the core of whatever disturbance/unbalance may be held in the consciousness of whomever she is working with. She holds a deeply grounded sacred container that creates a resonance with wakefulness and safety that allows whatever is held unconsciously to be brought to full awareness and integration. Her mastery of clear presence allows the divine to manifest whatever is needed to bring one into an expanded field of coherency and wholeness. I hold her work in the highest respect and unhesitatingly recommend any opportunity you have to work with her.”

~ Ron Toffinelli

“The 13 Moon Oracle and Ordination is a call and offering to prepare one’s body vessel for the quickening. Quickening is an evolutionary leap, a sudden transformational shift. I would describe the effects of this work as an expansion of one’s capacity to take in and receive the stunning resonance and wonders of magic that are taking place in every moment! This work encourages us to practice and presence these new found and re-membered capacities, to celebrate the opening of the eyes of the Divine within ourselves, here and now!”

~ Oceanna Kiddie

“The fruits of Ariel’s archetypal mentoring in the 13 Moon Ordination were nothing short of astonishing! With clarity of perception and love, she guided me to the core archetypal patterns that were sourcing my current life experience. This has sparked a deep and profound healing. Working with her has brought me expanded awareness, greater self knowledge, courage, clearer vision and compassion. l feel more of who I am and can express that to the world through my joy and service. I cannot say enough about the rewards of this archetypal work!”

~ Morgaine Anu

“Whenever i make a step into the depths of the mystery, into the arms of the Goddess, I see clearly your footprints!…i KNOW that you were there, you were “ahead”, you expanded into it and into more!!!!…i feel clearly the crumbs you laid on the path, the “stones” to step on to…cutting paths into the mystery…..and then i feel so much appreciation for you!!!!….also, i think how challenging it must be for you to be SO INCREDIBLY AHEAD of the time in consciousness even compared to people like us, me who are very much awake!!!…when i make such a step, when my consciousness so expands i understand so many things you say, do or scribed so well what i was not able before!!!!…I LOVE YOU beyond my human heart can hold and beyond words i could ever find for it!!!”

~ Viola Laura Glueck – Priestess of the Goddess from Vienna, Austria

Alchemy of Ecstasy

“The Alchemy of Ecstasy” is one of the most inspired works on the planet today! It is an elixir for the collective mindfield to help bring it in resonance with the Universal Mind.”

~ Johnathan Quinten- Sacred Geomancer

“Thank you Thank you Thank you for writing this guidebook for Initiates into the Goddess’ Mysteries. It has been written with so much care, love creative wit and uncanny insight. I am in awe!”

~ Kristin Kore Taylor- Priestess of the Goddess

“The poetry for the Invocation to the Goddess was so powerful that I was transported right out of my surroundings. Then I had this uncanny feeling of expansion of the Self, visceral, tangible, like I was being breathed by the Divine. I couldn’t speak the content of what I read with my mind, but something has changed in me.”

~ Oceanna – Mermaid and Priestess of the Chalice

“The Alchemy of Ecstasy is one of THE seminal rites of passage in my life! This work is multi-layered, a trans-dimensional tapestry of myth, psycho-spiritual initiation, artistic exploration and soul nurturing! Its richness and depth are on the cutting edge of transformational work and are available to women of all backgrounds and orientations. It is especially powerful for beings who have not felt fully fed by the existing spiritual models, who are wanting to authentically connect to and embody their Sacred Feminine natures! Entering this work, I felt as if I had finally come home!”

~ Samantha Bonavia- Sacred Theater Actress

“I cannot possibly put into words what “The Alchemy of the Ecstasy” did to me in all these years it has been working with me (rather than me working with it!). It awakened me to all what I had been yearning for: to the Mother, to the Goddess within, to my service as Her priestess.

When I “read” “the Alchemy” my being absorbs the vibration all the way through which is so richly layered in each and every word. It offers a direct entrance into the Holy of the Holies, into the heart temple where everything resides.

An energy transmission takes place which is very hard to put into words. The vibration absorbs me, I merge with the Mother and She takes me wherever She wishes. My consciousness merges totally with the Source beyond the written words, with Her. The Alchemy offers a trigger, a bridge to the very heart of the Mother while setting free all Her Love and Wisdom that resides within. Time and space transcend and all I have to do is to surrender to those divine waves and let them carry me to Her! Can you expect more?

And yet there is still more to it: In my everyday life I hear Her speaking to me from inside of my being using the same words in “the Alchemy”. So the words became kind of magic to tune my heart to Hers! I KNOW in my heart that each and every word in this work is layered with Her consciousness triggering the Goddess within me! I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to Ariel for scribing this work and for making it so ecstatic, so easy to be Her! A humble “thank you” for being!”

~ Viola Laura Glueck – Priestess of the Goddess from Vienna, Austria