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Laughing Stock Certificates Available Now!

Dying Laughing Productions Presents – Laughing Stock!

Congratulations! You can now become a laughing stock…holder for only $9.99!

The Universe is, of course, laughing at us on Earth, as lively, though easily distractible little holographic images, in the 3D reality movie called human life, where humor IS the sign of higher consciousness!! Have you made any good movies lately, answering the question: “Is there conscious life in the Universe?” That is what LAUGHING STOCK is all about. To buy this stock is to answer that question with a resounding YES!!! You’ve just got to get the Cosmic Joke somewhere or time along the millennia of starring in these holographic movies of human life, so WHY NOT NOW!! Buying stock is indicative of getting the Cosmic Joke. So when this stock is in your hands, CELEBRATE!!

LAUGHING STOCK is fashionably divine currency that is traded exclusively at the Laughing Stock Exchange Clearing House, which is, of course, listed on the Tao Jones. It has the reverse of a “down-line”. It has an “up-line” straight to the Divine, pointing directly to what was worth paying attention to in the first place!

When you are a LAUGHING STOCK HOLDER, abundance will just naturally pour down like a thunderstorm because the Universe loves nothing better than to share a good laugh! Share the wealth! Share LAUGHING STOCK with friends!!

Each LAUGHING STOCK certificate is signed and numbered so that it CAN be traded, as value will skyrocket on this initial stock offering in which you are participating!

To get in on this rare stock offering, walk, don’t run, ’cause you might trip, laughing hysterically, going to get your very own stock for only $9.99 (with postage)

Take a look! They are available right here.

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