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Let’s Celebreate The High Holy Days of Sirian Dog Days!

The Sirius Alignment High Holy Days July start 23rd ! Maya New Year July 25th

The Queen’s chamber aligns with Sirius (Isis) (light coming in a hole to mark this alignment). And in the King’s chamber the alignment is with Orion (Osirus) during this period.
The helical rising of Sirius means Sirius rising just before the sun rises July 23rd. This marked the flooding of the Nile and fullest alignment with the energies of Sirius, which the Egyptian’s venerated. Short of it.. A great time to celebrate our Oneness through the lens of alignment with Sirius. Those blue heads had a great idea in Egypt.. so why not party-on cosmic Players and Fibronacci Fools!
And you, snother blue person in the cosmic lassoo of the wild bunch of crazy mystics going through the portal of this time to commune with never having gone anywhere!
from the 33rd square of the chessboard..
i bid you a fond hello!
sent from the quantum realms of the terminally delighted!
your sister in continuous grin.. ariel benben
The classic parable of how the inventor of the game of chess used his knowledge of exponential growth to trick an emperor is commonly used to explain the staggering and accelerating growth of technology. The 33rd square on the chessboard represents the first step into the second half of the chessboard, where exponential growth takes off.

And from a poem i wrote for a journey to do ceremony in the caves in Malta.. and was baffled by what could have been meant by it.. finally more clarity.. it does feel like the potential for exponential growth now on Earth.. what say you?

Why Black and Gold?

© copyright 2013 by Ariel Spilsbury

How Will We Transit the Appearance of the 3rd Dimension?

Terma sets the alarm to ring in your dream in some other lifetime

for you to find the hidden treasure set there as a flash flare

you are now Awake

you are now Aware

gloriously awake

riding the dragon currents

on the twin serpents

shushumna time tunnels

serpent ropes

leading to the vertical axis of the World Tree

journey, adventurer

until you reach a dazzling ring of eight stars

Unified balance


embodying the wisdom of shedding

ego’s endless striving and eddying

to reveal the new, vulnerable, sensitive skin of

Corpus Glorifcatum

Shakti radiantly revealing

the golden body

clear as a crystal

blazing like the sun

passing between the worlds

birthed through Extasis Divinitus

into the One



breaking the quantum bonds of separation

With Ecstasy,

“you will find”


the serpents of wisdom with rainbow snakes

standing at the 33rd bardo gate

33 vertebrae of the human spine


polarity union

rationality and intuition divine

spirit and matter

east and west

man and woman

heart and head

now and then

Divine Children, take out your cosmic high lighter pens

before the 33rd gate descends

chanting the mantra:

22, 33, 44, 88

for a simple alchemical change of state





the Philosopher’s Stone


True Imagination seeing the shimmering transparent solar gold

That everything is made up of

with heads on the ground gratitude

for the six points of your traveling star

Beauty, Harmony, Peace, Trust, Truth, Love

carrying you through the freefalling stasis

of the Blackness of the Void

between the dimensions

of being born.





the Pheniox in her nest of fire

purple moon descending, red bird arising

from the sleep of the collective dark night of the soul

now shining as a crystal clear diamond

brilliantly in your night sky

Trust the

scarab of eternal life

to roll this brilliant light

into a comforting ball of blackness

reminding you to remember

that you’re headed naturally up the vertical axis

of the Cosmic Tree

No Fear.



Ignition. Impact.

auroral implosion

golden explosion

into a new body of Ecstasy

and a new place among the stars.

and from Gaia’s New DreamCoat:

© copyright 2013 by Ariel Spilsbury

Imagine for a moment that you are a whale, with 360 degree surround sound consciousness and a brain the size of a Volkswagen…certainly large enough to hold the possibility of our surviving to blossom as a human species.. to ‘graduate’ from our limited thinking. Whales are holding that we can …purify the dross of ego mind and thus alchemically raise in frequency to quinta essentia that simply precipitates into another frequency and form. Whales hold a steady focus in our behalf, out of a huge love.. a love so large that it includes within it, even the profundity of a mother’s love, an overwhelming love for every living thing that Is. Whales are holding that.. holding the space that, we as a species can evolve past the 33rd square on the chessboard. They are cheering for us and not selfishly because we have a shared destiny, even though we do, but because they ARE, through the frequency of consciousness that is communicated through their songs, offering these prayers for us continuously, holding that huge possibility and prayer in the songs they sing for us day and night.. surround sound awareness, sung in the oceans of Gaia, wrapping human’s up in the possibility that we will fully wake up to stewardship, giving up power over, dominion-over. The truth is that dominion-over simply is not sustainable. It isn’t even possible in a whole, organic, living system for any length of time. Whales hold the possibility, the vision that we will wake to this, as a direct experience in our bodies. That we will embrace stewardship for all living things, while it is still possible. They hold this for us, recognizing fully, utterly, that all life is sacred and in a way that is assisting us in lifting the vibration on this plane with them, along with the Faerie and Angelic Realms, in the ‘blink of an eye’, that we will become stewards for all Life. They are rooting for us, the whales.. singing for us.. to see, feel, remember fully that All Life IS Connected as One..Living Organism. Each molecule, a part of a living body..Gaia’s living body. Imagine this: whales lovingly hold the consciousness of our Mother Gaia in the ocean waters.. fully embodied consciousness, we humans beings, but synapses within that consciousness. And yet, we must be as big as the whales to forgive ourselves, as they continuously forgive us, that they are still being brutally hunted for their meat. In Lakech.. Ala Ken. As the star Maya say, .”I am another yourself”.. We are kin.. A howling wolf singing praises to the moon, knows that.. ..because they too, like all life, are holding out for our Awakening, to the visceral knowing, the primal remembrance that we are ONE. The Faerie Realms are a living reminder that All Life Is Sacred that All Life is One Living Organism.

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