The Mayan Oracle – Return Path to the Stars (Softback)


The Mayan Oracle playfully aligns us with the powers of the cosmos and with our higher selves. Based on the ancient and prophetic sacred Mayan calendar, this oracle is composed of 44 cards: 20 Mayan star-glyphs, 13 numbers, and 11 “lenses of mystery”.

The Mayan Mudras, Mantras & Meditations DVD makes an excellent compliment!

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Illustrated by Oceanna (, published by Bear & Company

The star Maya are a star seeding race who come into planetary systems when they are about to make an evolutionary leap into the final stages of development as a species. (Such as those Maya who left the star glyphs encoded in stone in the Yuccatan, to be decoded for the time that we are alive in).

Based on the ancient and prophetic sacred Mayan calendar, The Mayan Oracle is composed of 44 cards: 20 Mayan star-glyphs, 13 numbers and 11 “lenses of the Mystery”. By working and meditating with these cards, we can get in touch with our sacred path here on Earth and release illusory blocks to greater Self-awareness!

The Mayan Oracle playfully aligns us with the powers of the Cosmos and with our Essence selves. It helps us to access the deeply transformative initiatory processes offered by the Mayan archetypes and the Great Mystery!

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  1. Don G. Campbell, author of The Roar of Silence (store manager)

    The Mayan Oracle amplifies intuition, tunes the mind, and harmonizes the human heart. Truly a new instrument for the ageless questing soul!

  2. Terrance McKenna, author of Food of the Gods (store manager)

    The Mayan understanding of the subtleties of time was greater than our own. The Mayan Oracle’s approach to tapping into the synchronistic power within the symbols is fascinating and commendable.

  3. Rowena Pattee Kryder, author of the Gaia Matrix Oracle (store manager)

    This tool touches the cellular body with a galactic harmonic language of light, enabling a deep remembrance that we are, in truth, unconditional love.

  4. jocelyn anna lernout (verified owner)

    I am deeply excited to embrace this, and really value the introduction to the book. Thankyou.

  5. Catalina Rivera Dois (verified owner)

    This Oracle and accompanying book is a powerful gift, with deeply felt transmissions and visual codes that create potent shifts of consciousness, transmutation and awakening. As always I am blown away by Ariels loving scribing of the Divine. Thank You!!!! Oceans of Love and Gratitude!!!

    • Ariel Spilsbury (store manager)

      Dearest Catalina..
      I never even look at these.. i am a total techno-tard.. but i was moved to click the button and found this beautiful reflection from you! Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful testimonial of your experience!! Sending you love and blessings.. your sister..ariel

  6. shelly white (verified owner)

  7. Tawhiyda tupak (verified owner)

    AWESOMENESS thank you for the personal touch and gifts
    Kin 25

  8. Jill Wylie (verified owner)

    The Mayan Oracle touches me at a symbolic cellular level, honouring my star ancestral connections. I was amazed how the first card I drew ‘knew’ me so well. The descriptions are clear and the pathways through shadow very grounded and practical.

  9. Barbara Creaghe (verified owner)

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