Buzz in a Bottle


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Oh yeah, baby. You need to experience Buzz in a Bottle Cayenne Pepper Tincture!!!! Sassy is as sassy does, just eat this stuff.. you’ll get a Buzz! Now imagine can-can lines of cayenne peppers doing rockette perfect kicks in unison to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and you’ve got the unforgettable feeling of a cayenne pepper buzz!! Whoopee!!

Thrill seekers launching pad..offering up boisterous praise for the delirium of Launch in a Bottle.. (Let’s do Launch someday soon, hey?) The new product that is sweeping the market place for sensation, endorphin junkies and flush, blush freaks with red cheeks..courting the flame that by any other name would be the rabble rouser rouge, cayenne peppermeister..get a Buzz Ripper Buzz why cuz.. peppers are provocative, piquant, pungent and potently penetrating..tantalizing inciting and totally exhilarating..fiery, ardent Blaze in a Bottle.. even the tantra folks say flames are roused to kindling by this raging rabble rouser.


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