In-Depth Advanced Course: Principles of Inter-dimensional Sound


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With Ariel sharing her wisdom as an inter-dimensional sound priestess.

Sound is a tool of dimensional shifting, a tool for total transformation! Sound can enter any substance from molecules to galaxies to rearrange it from the inside out. Pure sound and light are literally energetic foods. Our subtle bodies metabolize these substances similarly to how our physical bodies process food. Pure sound frees and literally alters the geometric field configurations of our subtle bodies. Like different vibrational frequencies creating particular geometrical patterns of sand on a drum head, the geometries of the various bodies are changed, as the higher frequencies of sound resonate with the human field.

Sound provides a natural means of returning systems into alignment, coherence and balance.

Please note that the sound quality may be somewhat compromised in some of the videos due to some production challenges. We hope you’ll find the content as valuable as we do despite this.


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