13 Moon Oracle Readings

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“Archetypes are born of the collective soul, enacted by individual souls. Archetypes are life models, images and ideals that guide the direction of your life toward your soul’s ultimate destiny. Each person is ‘hard wired’ to enact or model archetypal characteristics.” ~ Deepak Chopra

At one level of consciousness it is all MA, one indivisible divine essence. We can, however, through direct experience, expand our perception and awareness of that essence by embodying various archetypal aspects or lenses of that divine consciousness. Archetypes provide an expansive lensing that leads to a more mythic embodiment of our soul essence and purpose. Archetypes assist us in looking at our lives from a much larger, more mythic and spiritually expansive perspective than our ego’s limited view.

The 13 Moon Oracle sessions look through 13 discreet, archetypal lenses, at all the issues that come up in evolving human consciousness. These 13 Moon archetypal mentoring sessions are designed to create a timeless space that assists you in stepping out of a habituated focus and identification in the ego mind, accessing and remembering a more expansive part of self that perceives truth directly from inner knowing. In the process of this 13 moon reading, questions or queries for guidance are posed.

Then an oracle is thrown with tokens and cards on a lunar oracle board, to bring awareness to the gifts, challenges and opportunities that are presenting themselves in your life at this time for your growth. In these sessions we step together into the mythic, archetypal dimensions of being where archetypal energy heals, catalyzes and transforms at a vibrational level of consciousness. These are mythic exchanges of archetypal presence and empowerment. (These sessions are not therapy or psychic predictions about the future.)

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