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Vision Statement

To support the awakening of individual and planetary consciousness to its true nature as Unconditional Love!

To shift collective reality constructs which are presently based in fear and duality, obstructing true vision in unity consciousness, by honoring that planetary change happens person to person, heart to heart.

To educate through living example the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” thus creating a playful, living model of unconditional love and giving that honors the truth that we truly are all one.

To demonstrate (in contradistinction to the spreading of fear through the media), that random acts of kindness can also spread exponentially as a global phenomena.

To initiate this global phenomenon by granting unconditional wishes to people with the sole agreement that they subsequently grant three more people wishes of like kind.

Mission Statement

The means by which we will accomplish the goals of this vision are five fold:

l) The sale of “start up kits” (which include a crown, wand and an instruction booklet which discusses the principles of how to manifest, the nature of true abundance and explains the ancient and time worn practice of wish granting!)

2) Formal Ordinations for potential Fairy God Mothers and Fathers.

3) The creation and sale of an imaginative T-shirt, greeting card and clothing line suggesting in graphics and words, random acts of kindness such as “Pay it Forward!” “Practice Random Acts of Kindness”..etc.

4) Participation in a Wings, Wands and Wishes Retreat Center where people come to be trained in the wisdom ways of the Fairy Godmother/Father archetype, learning how to embody magic, share their gifts and manifest miracles, providing a place where people can meet and network with other magical people involved in the same process of spreading the “good news”, as a tangible way to move out of duality and into a “new” paradigm of unconditional love.

5) Funding raising with benefactors who are aligned with this vision.

Are you such a benefactor who resonates with this vision?
Please contact Me!

Passion Statement

It is the passion of this foundation to playfully transform cultural perceptual lensing from a fear based to a love and unity based lensing.


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