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The Dionysian Daily Double..

“Dionysis is the god of divine madness, the god of ecstasy, the god of Vitality, the god in whom everything is turned upside down!!. Dionysis’ name is synomous with madness, but not as sickness, rather as life lived beyond artificial boundaries, life lived to it’s fullest!” Joseph Campbell

This Blog will feature the writing of a Dionysian Divine Madman, Hoobie Ma Goobler.. with a similarly twisted and holographic slant on life such as Sappho’s.. however it’s distinctly peppery and hot, lusciously capricious, with no malice of forethought.. he writes hot off the press… this peppermeister with a twist of wine.. a tummler with a talent for the asinine.. sound intriguing? Send and answer and I’ll ask you a question or DO SOMETHING! (At least buy a bottle of Buzz in a Bottle!)

Remember that one of my favorite words is tummler: a yiddish term meaning “to make a racket”.. a tummler stirs up a commotion, makes things happen, incites people to action through his or her affectionate agitation..clowning and pranks! Feel FREE!

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